The School strives to build and maintain an educational environment that provides students, families, faculty and staff with a sense of belonging and understanding by honoring the various identities they hold. Through a variety of programs that promote dialogue, we continue to enrich our community by offering safe learning spaces for both affinity groups and cross-sectional conversation.

    Our Goals

    • Hire and retain a diverse group of faculty and staff 
    • Ensure a uniform education for faculty to support diversity, inclusion and belonging at A-S
    • Regularly train faculty, staff and administration on topics of diversity, inclusion
    • Strengthen our racial literacy
    • Increase opportunities for more community engagement 

    Photo of a teacher with Lower Division students in arts cladd making hats

    Shared Expectations

    This educational process requires constant engagement and considerate thinking. As participants in a vigorous learning environment, all members of our community are obliged to accept the experiences, dignity and rights of others. The following expectations set for staff, administrators, students past and present, parents and trustees are essential to our growth, work and continuing education as a community:

    • Demonstrate an awareness of and respect for the human experiences that exist within the diverse cultures that make up the world in which we live;
    • Incorporate in the life of the School a diversity that may include, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, learning style, physical ability, sexual orientation, family structure or socio-economic status; and
    • Acquire the knowledge, sensitivity and skills necessary for participating in cross-cultural interactions and promoting mutual understanding.

    Allen-Stevenson’s commitment to an inclusive educational community informs our admissions policies, our hiring practices, our curriculum, and the allocation of our resources.

    Our Work

    Community-Wide Events

    The School hosts a number of events for families aimed at building community while actively working toward the goals set out by the DEIB Committee. These events offer parents a space for shared learning, highlighting subjects that shed light on various topics related to parenting, societal concerns and cultural awareness. 

    Teacher and student work together on Lunar New Year project

    Division-Wide Learning: Upper Division Assembly & Lower Division Community Time

    Meeting once in a 10-day cycle, these division-wide gatherings offer the boys time together reserved for a shared learning experience.These meetings serve as platforms for sharing and learning about the various cultures that exist both globally and within our School community.

    Together, our boys learn about important issues and significant cultural celebrations. In the Lower Division, families join in to share about their cultures and traditions, offering a sense of belonging for those with shared identities, while simultaneously educating others with varying perspectives and experiences. 

    Affinity Groups

    Connection and belonging are at the core of the DEIB mission. To that end, The Allen-Stevenson School offers a number of affinity groups for students, parents, and faculty and staff. In these groups, participants can meet with fellow community members of a shared identity to discuss personal experiences in an environment where they can feel safe, seen, valued, and a true sense of belonging at A-S. 

    Allen-Stevenson currently offers the following affinity groups: 

    Faculty & Staff Professional Development

    Many Stories Summer Reading Program

    Each spring, a diverse selection of books are offered to faculty and staff for summer reading. Books are  carefully selected to offer from a variety of  perspectives, and each offers a window into a unique experience that sheds light on topics such as race, gender, sexuality and religion. The learning is deepened by rich discussions upon staff/faculty return to school. 

    Professional Development Opportunities:

    Members of the Allen-Stevenson professional community are also encouraged to engage in professional development opportunities outside of the walls of A-S. Members of our staff regularly attend the following programs:

    • NAIS People of Color Conference 
    • NYSAIS Diversity Practitioner conference 
    • NAIS Diversity Institute 
    • White Privilege Conference
    • Dalton Diversity Conference
    • NDPI Conference 
    • NYSAIS School People of Color Dinner
    • NYSAIS Dinner Meeting for LGBTQ+ Staff, Faculty, and Administrators