Brain-Considerate Classrooms

Reinforce executive functioning skills training to equip each boy with metacognitive approaches to plan, prioritize, and apply learning in age-appropriate ways. Further specialize teaching techniques to promote cognitive flexibility, develop impulse control, and support working memory.

Creative Confidence

Deepen ways for boys to develop and hone artistic voice, presentation, performance, and leadership skills. Sustain our commitment to physical expression through dramatic and athletic skill-building.

Critical Thinking + Social Solutions

Develop a Social Purpose and Entrepreneurship program that harnesses student agency and interest to encourage boys to grapple with societal needs with a sense of public purpose.

Positive Peer Influence

Evolve our ethics program schoolwide to reinforce school values and create a cohesive community by promoting positive peer influence to cultivate virtue-minded, socially aware boys. Expand co-ed experiences to give boys the chance to learn and grow alongside girls from local peer schools in both structured and unstructured ways.

Productive Struggle

Create more problem-based learning opportunities for boys to engage in “productive struggle” through strategizing and iterating solutions with practical applications.

Technological Literacy

Develop adaptive technology curricula to help boys understand the uses and consequences of immersive technologies, including AI, AR, VR, and video streaming, to develop tech fluency.

Globalism + Intercultural Competence

Prepare curricula and experiences that enable boys to understand, collaborate, and compete in our modern, global society by representing a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies. Leverage New York City’s resources, transforming this global metropolis into an extended learning environment.