7th Grade Learner Pathway

Seventh graders are firmly on the road to becoming young men, working towards independence and self-advocacy. They can take on big responsibilities with adult help. They are exuberant and spontaneous. Allen-Stevenson understands that this is a time of opportunity and exploration as the boys' worlds expand to include their friends and the wider world beyond their personal experience. Their ability to think logically and abstractly fuels their love of debate and learning.

Seventh graders are aware of themselves socially and wonder where and how they fit in. They care greatly about what their peers think and enjoy working with classmates. Leaning into their passions, these boys have a genuine love of learning. They are resilient in the face of setbacks and temporary failures.

There is an increase in executive functioning in Seventh Grade, which is important as assignments become more challenging and involve longer-term projects.


The Arts


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