6th Grade Learner Pathway

No longer quite children and not yet confidently young men, sixth graders are finding their way emotionally, physically, and intellectually. They are becoming more aware of how they appear to others, and the judgments of their peers grow in importance.

At Allen-Stevenson, we factor into the day that these boys have enormous physical energy and move constantly. Many are beginning to replace a carefree playfulness with a desire to develop expertise and seriousness of purpose. Sixth graders throw themselves into philosophical questions and are keen to master ideas and concepts, no longer content simply to know facts.

Moving from the self-contained classrooms of Fifth Grade to the discipline-specific classes of Sixth Grade, the boys are ready for complex, long-term projects and are practicing the skills and strategies for completing them. The sixth-grade year is when the boys must develop the organization and foresight to accomplish higher-level work in preparation for high school just a few years away.


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