Allen-Stevenson teachers create learning opportunities that are specially designed for and attuned to the learning style and development of boys. Our curriculum of inquiry-based instruction and hands-on and project-based learning experiences is made richer because it incorporates all 3A’s – Academics, Athletics and the Arts.

While we still embrace the importance of foundational skills, deeper learning helps us bring learning to the next level in meaningful ways.

Why educate for deeper learning?
Students need to be prepared to change or extend their knowledge. They cannot memorize everything.
They must be ready to apply what they do know to new and ever more intricate problems.
A robust appreciation of complex systems is often necessary.

This approach to learning places boys at the center of their education. When a boy is asked to think critically, solve problems, work collaboratively and communicate effectively, it empowers him to be active in his own learning process. He learns to work with people who may be quite different from him in background, experience and perspective.

K-8 Learner Pathway

Explore the learner profiles and curriculum highlights by grade to see how we teach and support boys along their learning pathway.

For a more in-depth look at the curriculum, see the comprehensive guides below.


Comprehensive Curriculum Guides

Lower Division Curriculum Guide

Upper Division Curriculum Guide