Exceptional Educators

Continue to invest in our faculty and staff by offering competitive compensation and opportunities for professional and leadership development, as well as promoting opportunities for our team to publish and present their work to the outside world, putting A-S on the map.

A Commitment to Diversity

Identify, recruit, and retain colleagues from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies to provide windows and mirrors for our boys and those who support them.

Masters in Boyology

Promote and deepen our research-driven teacher training program to best deliver emotional literacy approaches and interpersonal skills to optimize the ways boys best learn and experience school life.

Personalized Professional Growth

Build individual growth plans that improve craft while recognizing and rewarding talent. Provide distributed leadership opportunities for faculty and staff to extend their influence from their primary roles and sustain a schoolwide culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Workplace Wellness

Promote a culture of wellness in all its forms through programs, policies, and activities to cultivate retention and job satisfaction.