Strong Stewardship + Governance

Continue to build an active, engaged, and diverse working Board of Trustees to advance our strategic work, spearhead good governance practices, and acquire financial resources necessary to steward near and long-term success. 

A Refined, Refocused Mission

Create a process for a new mission statement that clearly communicates our core values. Use the new mission statement to help attract and retain mission-aligned families as well as determine our optimal school size and space utilization. 

Powerful Partnerships

Develop and deepen mutually beneficial partnerships with educational institutions, non-profits, NGOs, and companies to enhance the A-S brand and build on our unique position in New York’s educational landscape. Leverage these connections to provide opportunities for program enhancement, professional development, parent education, and auxiliary space use.

Sustained Sustainability

Set priorities for long-term financial health and growth while keeping a close eye on minimizing environmental impact and building in ecologically sound literacy and practices.

Auxiliary Revenue Streams

Identify partners and opportunities to leverage our spaces, increase visibility, and raise revenue. Examine alternative revenue and/or enrollment streams (including summer programming, adult education, and founding or acquiring a preschool) and identify financial reserves to meet unexpected challenges.