The School offers an inclusive, collaborative work environment where leadership, continued learning, and partnership are encouraged among faculty and staff.

Current Employment Opportunities

The Allen-Stevenson School actively seeks to forward the equity and diversity of our community in our admissions, programs and hiring. The Allen-Stevenson School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, marital status, creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity or any other characteristic protected by local, state and federal law. The Allen-Stevenson School actively seeks diversity in its faculty and student body.

What We Offer

Teaching at Allen-Stevenson 

Our faculty become experts in the field of educating boys in a K-8 learning environment. 

At Allen-Stevenson, we understand how boys learn and consider the relationship between teachers and boys to be one of the basic building blocks in our educational program. As relational learners, boys flourish when they develop a meaningful connection with their teachers. Our skilled and passionate faculty know that building a relationship with students is essential to understanding what makes each boy tick as they develop their intellect and social-emotional intelligence. Allen-Stevenson’s supportive engaging learning environment bolsters students’ confidence and ability to take ownership of their learning.

What A-S Faculty Have to Say

I think what's so special about Allen-Stevenson is that the School believes in its teachers and supports them. We have opportunities to grow and learn; to make mistakes and grow from them.

Upper Division Spanish Teacher - Camilla Iturralde

As I examine how I can grow and become a better teacher, I appreciate the wisdom I can get from the many talented people who work here. They push me to expand my thinking and explore new avenues of learning that I might not think of on my own. I also love the collaboration inside of the Allen-Stevenson community.

Lower Division Homeroom Teacher, Clarissa Crowley 

(The) collaboration is incredible. It’s like cross-pollination. It’s about approaching the same topic from multiple perspectives. It’s giving students the chance to look at the same thing that they have been exploring and talking about and asking questions from a slightly different perspective. That variation in perspective is so important.

Lower Division Music Teacher, Ian Taggart

A-S gives teachers the opportunity to develop themselves professionally, work together and collaborate … I think it's a huge opportunity for students and teachers, and (it’s) what really attracted me to this school. The liberal arts focus also appealed to me. I have a liberal arts degree myself, so I'm a big believer in that type of education. I think the core of it is cross-disciplinary education, where you can blur the lines between subjects and question what is history, what is science, and what is art.

Upper Division Science Teacher, Erik Divan

I can affect the way students understand their world and the people around them, help them to think and to communicate their thoughts clearly, and work with them to develop their sensibilities so that they can appreciate a particular kind of beauty. Allen-Stevenson is a school with heart and soul, as well as fine collective intellect. It’s a great place to do what I love most.

Upper Division English Teacher, Susan Lukas

Our individuality makes us great, and discovering what makes you unique is such a personal thing. At A-S our boys are free to develop that individuality, which is such a wonderful part of this community. I don’t think any one person knows how to be a boy because there’s no one way to act or think that makes you a boy or a man. It took me a long time to realize that it’s okay to be different, and that’s something I think we celebrate at Allen-Stevenson.

Physical Education and Athletics Instructor, Tony D’Itri 

Right when I entered the school, I knew this was the place for me. The warmth in the Allen Stevenson community is contagious. If the boys need a movement break, they can get up and work out their energy. It isn’t a one size fits all kind of school. It is truly a unique place, and I love it.

Upper Division Science Teacher, Katie Donohue