8th Grade Learner Pathway

Eighth graders have confidently embraced their adulthood and are developing their own personal narratives. Their increased brain development allows them to reason maturely, and they can set goals and advocate for themselves.

Allen-Stevenson recognizes that in Eighth Grade, the boys are honing and developing advanced organizational skills and strategies. Solidly engaging in abstract and logical thinking, these boys are keen to puzzle through philosophical questions such as moral dilemmas and can begin to tolerate ambiguity and situations that do not have clear answers. Eighth-grade boys love the give and take of a good debate and are interested in current events. Moving and socializing are key attributes of boys at this age, which is factored into their daily schedules.

We know that boys need to work in groups on big projects and class discussions because it helps them learn. They are empathic in their relationships and take responsibility for missteps as they develop emotional support strategies. Eighth graders enjoy challenges and the hard work that leads them to feel successful and independent. They push boundaries as they become more independent, readying themselves for high school, the next step in their learning journey.


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