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Allen-Stevenson is a K-9 boys school with a unique philosophy of education and program built around the three A's-Academics, Athletics, and the Arts. Our enlightened traditional approach to education helps us achieve our main goal of educating the whole boy and offering a challenging, thought-provoking education that ensures that whatever your son’s talents interests and passions, there is at least one area at school where he can strive for and achieve excellence. At Allen-Stevenson we believe that there are many ways to be a boy and many ways to be successful. At Allen-Stevenson we inspire each boy to become a scholar and a gentleman. 

Our website offers much information about our school and we hope that as you become familiar with it, you will find Allen-Stevenson to be an appealing and exciting school for your son.

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Allen-Stevenson was the only school that clearly articulated not only a rigorous and interesting curriculum but also its incredibly fraternal and inclusive culture. This sense of inclusiveness was present at every touch point with the school whether it was with the admissions team, the teachers or current parents."

"It felt warm and nurturing while academically rigorous. We were excited about all of the plans by the school to give the students the ideal resources to learn and grow."

"We felt A-S nailed the delicate balance of a challenging yet nurturing learning environment. We also felt that the school was filled with joy and the boys seemed to be so engaged and happy."

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.