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While there are many things on this website that are of use to faculty, this page is devoted to information that is targeted specifically to teachers. Let us know if there are any resources you feel we should add.

Website and App Finders

Search by platform, age or cost to identify great websites and apps for teaching and learning. Curate your own collection of tools and follow other teachers who are doing the same.
Common Sense Media
This website provides reviews of educational websites, apps and games. Check out the Teacher Center for ideas about how to incorporate technology effectively into the curriculum.
Cool Tools for Schools
Hundreds of tools organized by what the tool accomplishes. Categories include collaborative tools, drawing tools, writing tools, presentation tools and more.
This thought-provoking website from NPR and KQED about the future of schools has curated a list; Apps that Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers

Resources on Pinterest

The A-S Library maintains Pinterest boards on a number of subjects of interest to teachers such as digital fluency, geography games, teaching advice and ed tech tools.

Visit The Allen-Stevenson School Library's boards on Pinterest.

Useful Tools

Tools for Curation
Curation is "a process of finding, validating, selecting, organizing, and sharing information on a targeted topic for a targeted audience." (Evans et al, Independent School, Winter 2015)
Curation tools allow teachers to share resources with a class and serve as a valuable tool for learning, encouarging the boys to engage in critical thinking as they become curators themselves.

Technology Presentations/Materials from January 20th Professional Day
Building a Learning Network - Sarah Kresberg (Prezi)
Collaboration Tools for Teachers - Liz Storch and Sarah Kresberg (Google Presentation)
Photoshop Workshop - Rob McCallum
Blogging Workshop - Liz Storch
How to Use a Mac Effectively - Marissa Zelmanowicz
iPad Apps for the Lower School - Jennifer Zimmerman

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