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Dear ,

30 Years and Beyond:
A Celebration of Prep for Prep + Allen-Stevenson.
Tuesday, February 7, 6:30-8:30PM at Allen-Stevenson
Join David Trower h '95, Aileen Hefferren, David Kersey h '98, Joseph Ayala '86 and Christopher Persley '88 in celebrating the 30+ year relationship of Allen-Stevenson & Prep for Prep.
Here’s a selection of whom you will see. RSVP for the full list.
Joe Ayala '86, Katy Bordonaro, John Carr '76, Sandra Cepeda, Erik Cliette '81,
Richard D. '14, Clarence Fruster '97, Freddy Fuego '01, Montaign Gamino '87,
Chris Hamilton '96, Aileen Hefferren, Neal Kamsler, David Kersey h '98,
Paul Lawrence '97, Adam Mandelsberg '03, Jose Marmolejos '00,
Rasaan Ogilvie '94, Christopher Persley '88, Veronica Rivera,
Caleb Santana '89, Victor Smith '88, Jaison Spain '97, Andre Swanston '96,
Jesse Taylor '85, David Trower h '95, Silvia Valcarcel, Etienne Vazquez '00,
Seagram Villagomez '92, Larry Welch '90, Keith Williams '98
This event honors the 100+ boys who were part of Prep for Prep and also attended Allen-Stevenson. We hope all Prep/A-S alumni will attend and bring their parents.
All members of the Allen-Stevenson community are invited to this reception.

As I See It...

Dear Alumni,
Stanley Gauger died two weeks ago at the age of 86. Mr. Gauger was the School's principal music teacher from 1949 to 1987 and he was the man who started the School’s orchestra. When he arrived at the School, there was no orchestra and by 1953 there were 32 boys playing under his baton. When he left in 1987 the orchestra numbered 60. Randy Schrade '76, who played cello for Mr. Gauger, now conducts two full orchestras with 106 members total, a Fourth Grade Junior Orchestra and a Third Grade Ensemble and all together there are 250 boys taking music lessons at the School. Also added over the years are the two choruses led by Michelle Demko. Talented, single-minded and daring teachers like Stanley Gauger can change the course of small independent schools like ours; they can build a first-rate orchestra where there had been none before. I think we sometimes take the School’s music program for granted, but its rhythms and melodies permeate all that we do at the School. Nothing could be more predictable than the basso continuo buzz of H.M.S. Pinafore I'm beginning to hear in my sixth grade history class. This is Mr. Gauger's legacy to the School.
Lewis Bernard '56 had a somewhat different take on this legacy the other day when he met with Development Director Mary Richter and me to talk about the School’s upcoming May 29th celebration of Mr. Gauger's life. After finding himself among the French horns in the 1953 Yearbook photograph of the orchestra, Mr. Bernard began to reminisce about the maestro's orchestra rehearsals, his music classes, and his conducting Gilbert and Sullivan. He made clear the great presence Stanley Gauger was in the lives of boys that were here in the 1950s. When he was finished, Mr. Bernard turned to us and added quietly, "With Mr. Gauger, it wasn’t the music; it was about character." He is right. With teachers like Stanley Gauger there is always something more, something beyond a passion for Bach or the Solar System or the French Revolution, something that comes from believing in children, expecting much of them, and then seeing them through to the end.
The School has many such teachers. There are fewer like Stanley Gauger, who can also chart a new course for the School, who can build an orchestra made to last. As I enter the new School every morning, I hear the sound of the orchestra coming from the Assembly Hall below, and it reminds me of the big sound that used to blow out of the old gym every morning and up the east stairway to the roof, and I wonder again at Stanley’s magic and how he got the boys to play like angels.
David Kersey h'98
Member of our faculty since 1969


March 9-10, 2012

What do a 25 Zagat food-rated restaurant, Wine Spectator 90-rated Oregon pinot noir, an organic heirloom tomato sauce, and Danny Meyer’s Maialino restaurant have in common?
They all are in the Allen-Stevenson family and will be part of the delicious alumni gourmet food & drink event on Saturday, March 10th!
Join us for an unforgettable evening of food & drink with an Allen-Stevenson twist:
Here are just a few of the evening’s offerings:
• Argyle Wine’s Pinot Noir and Sparkling Wine
• Waldingfield Farm's Bloody Mary’s with heirloom tomatoes
• Maialino’s meatballs
• Chop’t salad
• Specialty dishes prepared by Michelin-starred chef Polo Dobkin ’87 of Dressler
• and the Rose Brothers of Guastavino's and 583 Park Avenue.
Come to edible Allen-Stevenson: Saturday, March 10. You won't want to miss it!
Do you have to be a reunion class to get in on this fabulous evening of food and drink? No. All alumni are welcome. Sign up here.
The following classes are celebrating a milestone reunion in March.
1932 1937 1942 1947 1952 1957 1962 1967
1972 1977 1982 1987 1992 1997 2002 2007
Contact your classmates to find out about your class' plans or to help make those plans.
50th Reunion -- 1962:  Gerard de Gunzburg
40th Reunion -- 1972:  David Sinclair
35th Reunion -- 1977:  Dewey Wigod
25th Reunion -- 1987:  Alfred Burger, Christopher Hallows,
20th Reunion -- 1992:  Andrew Arias, Noah Kass, Charles Socarides, Wesley Stanton, Seagram Villagomez
15th Reunion -- 1997:  Berton Rose, Andrew Elkin
10th Reunion -- 2002:  Jack Lyden, Alexander Melnitzsky, Alexander Shipper
5th Reunion -- 2007:    Alessandro Santoro
11:00am – 2:00pm: Open House with tours, G & S rehearsals of H.M.S. Pinafore, basketball game and refreshments
6:00pm - 8:30pm: edible Allen-Stevenson – wine tasting & cocktails, followed by buffet dinner with an Allen-Stevenson twist.

Recipe of the Month

As part of our celebration of alumni in food and drink this year, we are featuring a recipe (or two) of the month.
Polo Dobkin '87 is the executive chef for Dressler (one of only four Michelin-starred restaurants in Brooklyn), Dumont and Dumont Burger.
Please click below for the following recipes from The New Brooklyn Cookbook:

Allen-Stevenson Alumni Council (ASAC)

ASAC 2011-2012 Members at the January 23, 2012 meeting include:
Back row: David Herzberg '89, John Carr '76, Tim McCabe '94, David Kersey h '98, Andrew '92, Jamie Magid '91, Dewey Wigod '77, Liam Millhiser '96
Middle row: John Rose '90, Colin McCabe '90, Harlan Reinhardt '83, Simon Wasserberger '85
Front row: Harlan Goldberg '90, Roger Raines '80, Tom Zipser '99, Andrew Burger '59
The Allen-Stevenson Alumni Council meets 3 times a year in New York to plan alumni events. If you would like to nominate a fellow alumnus or yourself, please send an email to: with the subject: ASAC Nomination.

Can You Name These Boys?

John Pariseau is labeling photos in the archives and needs your help identifying some of the people.  Please email John at if you know the name of any of these boys.

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Last year we received matching gifts from:
Alliance Bernstein
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Tiffany & Co.
Vulcan Materials Company

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Alumni Events

March 9 & 10
Alumni Reunion Weekend:
Classes ending in "2" and "7"
Alumni Basketball Game and Pizza Lunch on Saturday, March 10, 11:00AM
Screening of Race to Nowhere on
Tuesday, April 3,
5:30PM - Light Refreshments, 6:00-8:00PM - Screening.  Limited seating. Click here to reserve your complimentary tickets now.

Thursday, May 24, 6:00PM
Alumni Dodgeball Game
Tuesday, May 29, 5:00PM
Service for Stanley Gauger at Allen-Stevenson
Monday, June 11, 6:00PM
Off to College Party for the Class of 2009

Alumni News

Gary Ferman '61 ( just moved Stateside. "After living in England for the past 33 years, my wife, Mary and I, have moved this year to Naples, FL. It is a far cry from London, but we're enjoying life here."
Tom Schiller '73 ( writes: "I returned from 6 months in Iraq in February 2011. I was providing intelligence support to US Forces in Iraq."
J. Todd Harris '74 ( "I just produced the first real lacrosse movie ever. It's the real McCoy." They hired 50 actual lacrosse players for the movie. "Crooked Arrows" is scheduled for release in late April. You can learn more about it at and on Facebook.
Robert Haag '80 ( works in Shanghai for Hampton Growth LLC as Managing Director Asia, but is currently in LA until April.
Paul Weitz '80 directed and wrote the screenplay for "Being Flynn" starring Robert DeNiro, Julianne Moore, and Paul Dano. The movie is based on a memoir by Nick Flynn. "During his twenties, a young man works at various homeless shelters in Boston, where he often intersects with his brilliant but troubled father." The film is scheduled for release March 2.

Erik Cliette '81 ( and his wife, Dawn Hankin-Cliette, welcomed daughter, Dylan Joi on December 19.

Fred Isquith '97 ( is in his 3rd year of practicing law as a litigator specializing in complex financial problems. He also coaches youth basketball, plays on a softball team, and serves on the Antitrust Committee of the City Bar.

Other A-S News

Former oboe teacher Vinny Ferraro ( and his daughter have moved to Goodyear, AZ, outside Phoenix. Sadly, his wife passed away while they lived in Atlantic City. "It was hard moving, but since my wife's death I needed a change and my daughter Katherine helped me to move on. She helped me to get out of the house and join a local all-teacher band (Alatooki Band). I hope to start substitute teaching in the schools out here to keep busy. Please keep in touch. I enjoy hearing what is going on back east."

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