ALUMNI NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2011 Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Please join us for a
Real Estate Networking Breakfast
Friday, November 18, 8:00-9:30am
West 57th Street & 6th Avenue. RSVP below for more details.
Many alumni have asked us to build a professional networking platform through A-S. We’re going to start with the real estate community.
ASAC President Simon Wasserberger ’85 (Managing Director at L&L Holding Company) will host a breakfast on November 18. The topic will be the state of the New York real estate market, with a discussion led by representatives of commercial and residential real estate, debt capital markets, and architecture.
This event is for professionals in the field, as well as interested alumni.
Questions: contact Monique Lowitt, 212-933-5240 or
Event Committee:
Pierre Bonan '89 (
Harlan Goldberg '90 (Corcoran Sunshine)
Tim McCabe '94 (CTA Architects)
Simon Wasserberger '85 (L&L Holding)
Andrew Zimmerman '00 (Howard L. Zimmerman Architects PC)
Young Alumni Day 2011-New Day and Time!

This year Young Alumni Day will be held in the afternoon on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 4:00-5:30 pm. School will be closed on Wednesday, November 23.
We are excited to welcome back our youngest alumni, Classes 2005-2012, for an afternoon of reconnecting with friends, classmates, faculty and staff. Click here to REGISTER.

As I see it...

Dear Alumni,
I can barely keep up with the ever-expanding use of technology at the School. Last week John Zufall’s sixth grade science classes were starting a unit on ecology, except that this time Mr. Zufall was not leading the class. Rather a park ranger from Badlands National Park in South Dakota was engaging the boys via Skype. Mr. Zufall wanted the boys to understand that natural forces can cause great changes in environments over very long periods of time and the ranger was eager to help out. She explained how the Badlands had changed over the last 75 million years, first as an ocean floor, then as a swamp, and finally as it is today, a part of North America’s Great Plains. She supported her argument by showing the boys a number of fossils that have been found in the Badlands, including a giant clamshell, an ancient alligator and a sabre-tooth cat. The teaching was not that unusual in that the boys were able to ask questions of the ranger to clarify and extend their understanding of the lesson, and perhaps wonder what New York City had been like 75 million years ago. In no time at all, technology had lifted the boys and transported them halfway across the continent to the Badlands of South Dakota.
Of course, not all learning takes advantage of the latest technology, and the School likes to keep a balance in things. Down on the second floor the three kindergarten classes, under the guidance of Margaret Garfinkel and Brooke Cohen; Blaise Bulfair and Jesse Montero; and Alice Heminway and Jennifer McNeil were doing Pumpkin Math. This lesson started with a visit to the Queens County Farm in Floral Park, which dates back to the 1690s, to see pumpkins grow. Each boy picked a pumpkin and brought it home to the School to measure its circumference and height. Results were then graphed and compared. The boys ended Pumpkin Math by removing the seeds from a pumpkin and then estimating and eventually counting, in groups of ten of course, the number of seeds extracted. By my reckoning our littlest boys learned something about New York City geography, colonial history, pumpkin growing, measuring, recording, graphing, estimating, and counting. This relatively traditional way of teaching seemed as effective as the sixth grade trip to the Badlands, and in both cases the boys seemed entirely swept up in their learning. Next year I want in on the Pumpkin Seed Lottery. The winning number this year was 256 seeds, or 2 to the 8th power, for those of you still struggling with exponents.
The picture? Your correspondent among the monkeys, denizens of The Jungle Book, this year’s Sixth Grade Musical with Nightingale.
David Kersey h'98
Member of our faculty since 1969 
March 9-10, 2012 Alumni Reunion Weekend
The following classes are celebrating a milestone reunion next March. Please contact Monique Lowitt at if you would like to be involved in the planning.
1932 1937 1942 1947 1952 1957 1962 1967
1972 1977 1982 1987 1992 1997 2002 2007

Recipe of the Month

As part of our celebration of alumni in food & drink this year, we have been featuring a recipe of the month.
This Ratatouille recipe is demonstrated by Patrick Horan ’85 ( in the
video posted here and type in: Waldingfield. He and his brother run Waldingfield Farm in Washington, CT, and Patrick hosts A-S fifth graders for planting in the spring and sixth graders harvesting in the fall every year.

Founders Day

(pictured from left to right: David Trower h'95, Charles Socarides '92,
Noah Kass '92, Jorge Colmenares '12, David Kersey h'98 and Terell Long '13)
This year's Founders Day speaker was Charles Socarides '92, who spoke about friendship and appreciating that his Allen-Stevenson class was like a team, where everyone had a role.
"Everyone contributed in their own personal, strange way. I'm not saying we were best friends all the time (some guys didn’t get along at all); it's just that we knew each other – who was good at math, who knew a lot about current events, who could run the reservoir easily, who was quiet, who was neat, who could imitate the teacher really well – and deep down we accepted each other for who we were."
Mr. Socarides brought classmate Noah Kass '92 with him; they have been best friends since First Grade. He concluded by saying: "So I encourage you to be yourselves while you're here. Speak your minds. And remember to enjoy and appreciate your classmates and the camaraderie you have built. It is a really special thing and it’s what you’ll remember when you’ve left this school."
Mr. Socarides liked all three A's while he was a student at Allen-Stevenson. He particularly liked sports; playing baseball, basketball, and soccer. For his academic classes, he loved history and English classes. And, he performed in many plays including the role of Prospero in "The Tempest" and Orlando in "As You Like It."
Now a professional actor, Mr. Socarides is performing in an off-Broadway show, "Sons of the Prophet" at the Roundabout Theatre in New York, opened on October 20. He will be giving a Shakespeare workshop with Mr. Kersey to some of the boys in Allen-Stevenson’s production of "As You Like It" this fall.
After Mr. Socarides spoke, the boys had many activities scheduled for the rest of the morning:
The Kindergarten boys worked with the eighth grade boys and drew pictures of their favorite places in the school. Ninth grade boys visited the first grade classes and shared stories they had written about their experiences at Allen-Stevenson. Second grade boys were buddies with seventh grade boys and made ABC Big Books about Allen-Stevenson. Third and fourth grade boys worked together on a "trivia" activity about the school using the Allen-Stevenson web site. The annual Allen-Stevenson scavenger hunt was the activity for the Fifth Grade. And sixth grade boys wrote birthday cards for alums.

Can You Name These Boys?

John Pariseau is labeling photos in the archives and needs your help identifying some of the people.  Please email John at if you know the name of any of these boys.

Annual Fund

In November, we give thanks to the 22% of alumni who supported the school financially last year. We hope you will give again to A-S this year. We particularly appreciate the generosity of 31 alumni who were able to give at the Headmaster’s Circle level of $2,500. If you are able to stretch your gift this year, we would love to increase that group. We truly are grateful.


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Alumni Events

For a printable list, please click here.
Friday, November 18,
8:00am - 9:30am
Real Estate Breakfast, West 57th Street.  Please register for details.
Tuesday, November 22, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Young Alumni Day,
2005-2012 Classes
(Please note this event will be on Tuesday afternoon instead of Wednesday morning during Thanksgiving week.)
Tuesday, December 13, 6:30pm
Alumni Hockey Game at Chelsea Piers
Tuesday, February 7,
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Allen-Stevenson and Prep for Prep Alumni Celebration
March 9 & 10, 2012
Alumni Reunion Weekend:
Classes ending in "2" and "7"
Alumni Basketball Game and Pizza Lunch on Saturday, March 10, 11:00am
Thursday, May 24, 6:00pm
Alumni Dodgeball Game

Monday, June 11, 6:00pm
Off to College Party for the Class of 2009

Alumni News

Mario Muller '77 ( has created four images as part of his Epiphany Series. "The Epiphanies was created in 2008 after my son Wolfgang was born. The compositions are all drawn from my responses to Los Angeles." You can see his work at:
Delius Shirley '84 ( owns a Caribbean restaurant on the Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, FL, Ortanique on the Mile. Shirley’s mother, Norma Shirley, was known as the Julia Child of the Caribbean. Delius’ restaurant earned a "26" food rating from Zagat. Here is a recent interview with Delius.
Jason French (formerly Jason McHugh) '85 ( is a chef in Portland, OR, at his own restaurant Ned Ludd. He cooks American craft food on a wood-fired oven. He has received high praise, and he is active in the Outstanding in the Field farm dinners. Please read a recent article about Jason on
Pete Conlon '87 ( lives in Los Angeles. In 2005, he founded Wut It Is, a full service film and broadcast design, direction, production and post production boutique located in the center of Hollywood.
Barnaby Gibson '87 ( writes: "I'm leaving a New York-based non-profit called Ithaka and going back to Silicon Valley, to the Palo Alto office of Skadden, Arps to get back to doing M&A, capital markets and other transactional work with private equity firms and technology companies."
Phoebe Ryder Wartels, daughter of Wyatt
Wartels '89 ( and his wife Sally, was born May 31. Wyatt works at Gastronaut, a San Francisco-based catering company. He writes: "We provide food for all sorts of events using local sustainably-sourced products. An area where we are popular is catering daily meals for tech companies, namely Twitter for a year or so and now Square, Yelp, Mozilla and Causes, to name a few. After cooking for a year, I am the brand manager working on developing and building the brand."

Pang Lee '90 ( writes from Hong Kong that his 2.5-year-old son Owen "absolutely loves his A-S tee shirt and wears it all the time."
Cannon Hersey '92 ( has a solo exhibit in Wilton, CT, at Gallery 66 of mixed media photographic works combined with antique silk he collected traveling around the world. The photographs were taken in China, India, Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal.
Wesley Stanton '92 ( and his wife, Natalie McClurg, were walking their dog along East 78th street when they came upon Mr. Kersey and stopped for a chat.
Seagram M. Villagomez, MD '92 (seagram.villagomez and his wife, Kelly Crotty, MD, had a set of twins – a boy and a girl on July 12, 2011: Seagram Michael (6lbs 12oz, 19.5 inches) and Alice Miriam (5lbs, 18.5 inches) Villagomez.

Chiqui Matthew '93 ( and Amy Sharpe were married in front of their closest friends and family on September 24, 2011. Monica Matthew, longtime member of the Allen-Stevenson family and mother of the groom, was present and beaming! They travelled to the Maldives and Sri Lanka on their honeymoon and visited an elephant sanctuary.
David Koch '95 ( married Brooke Marston Colbert on September 24, 2011, at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in Manhattan. Koch is a Senior Producer at iNDELIBLE, a full service Digital Advertising Agency in Manhattan.
Sean Durkin '97 is an indie filmmaker who just took the top prize for a U.S. director at the Sundance Film Festival with "Martha Marcy May Marlene" starring Elizabeth Olsen. He was recently featured in New York magazine.
Graham Winfrey's '98 ( new short film "Wingmen" will be screened in the comedy category at the 2011 Williamsburg Independent Film Festival at 7pm on Friday, November 18. "I wrote and directed the short last May. The five shorts will be screened together (mine is number four in the line-up). Here is a link to purchase tickets. Would love to see you or anyone else from A-S there."
Nick Hoagland '99 (nicholashoagland writes: "I graduated in 2007 from Hobart College and promptly joined the Peace Corps. I was sent to Guinea, West Africa, as a small business advisor working with micro finance organizations for two years. That was a terrific experience. After returning to the U.S. in 2009, I worked for a financial advisory firm and a private equity company in New York. I decided that my professional life needed a little more excitement and therefore returned to academia to obtain an MBA in finance from the Simon School."
Benjy Sarlin '00 ( is writing a blog covering the elections: TalkingPoints Memo
Bradley Saveth '04 ( just joined Living Real Estate Group as a licensed real estate broker.

Adam Silverman '09, Daniel Locker '09, Matt Schwimmer '09, and Max Elgart '09 at Fieldston Homecoming 2011.

Max Coleman '10 was joined at his graduation from Indian Mountain School by A-S friends Charles Knudsen '10, Christian Lange '10, Malcolm McCain '07, and brother, Conor Coleman '07. Max is now at Blair Academy.
Jason Kim '11 continues to make music at the Peddie School. Click here to listen to Jason and another boy performing a guitar duet.
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