First Place for Odyssey of the Mind Team

What an impressive win for Allen-Stevenson’s Odyssey of the Mind team consisting of fifth graders Lorenzo Brigode, Ajai Singh, Aditya Pandit, Austin Crown, Jesse Peck, Julian Cohen, and fourth graders Wesley Chi and Marat Rezbaev on Sunday, March 4! The team will be advancing to the state competition on April 7, in Binghamton, New York.
Odyssey of the Mind is an international organization that encourages kids to solve problems through brainstorming, artwork, set design, technical design, writing sketches and more.
Each team begins by selecting from one of five problems and spends a number of weeks creating a solution to that problem. In the case of the Allen-Stevenson after school Odyssey of the Mind team, the boys chose "Triathlon Travels" as their problem, which required them to have a team member ride on and drive an original vehicle in an Odyssey-style triathlon. For the triathlon events, they had to be able to score in "curling", hit the right target when "jousting" and "run track" by navigating a course in two directions.
Using mostly recycled materials, the boys built an impressive-looking, fully functioning vehicle. Beginning with a donated tricycle, the boys added a wooden structure to support a person, which took problem-solving to a whole new level! Final touches saw the boys soldering the wood to personalize the vehicle.
Allen-Stevenson team members self-assigned their roles on the team based on their particular skill-sets. For example, Julian worked on the costumes because he knows how to use a sewing machine, Austin wrote the script because he likes writing.
Teacher Lisa Anderson said, "I’m so proud of the team! They worked incredibly well together, and I loved their enthusiasm throughout the whole process. They were in my classroom working on their entry during every free time and really at any chance they had a spare minute. It paid off."

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