One Hundred Days of School

Kindergartners in KBM and KHP celebrated their hundredth day of school on Friday, February 23 and KGT on February 26.
The boys predicted where they thought 100 steps would take them as they set off for the Library Egg, Gym and Computer Lab in the case of KHP, or the Library, Gym and Nurse Gelling’s Office for KBM. The boys in each group took turns counting in sets of ten, laying down a foot-shaped marker when they reached the end of every ten steps. Numbered feet could be found up and down the stairwells and dotted throughout the Second Floor.
Activities involved counting with heaps of fun. In KHP, the boys, donning their self-created 100-piece Fruity Cheerios necklaces and 100-day buttons, counted out yummy snacks in groups of ten, while another group tackled exercises in tens, from jumping jacks and sit-ups to toe touches and Spiderman lunges.
KBM boys, also proudly wearing their 100-day boy-made buttons, made Froot Loop necklaces having counted out 100 cereal pieces in advance. Colored patterns varied greatly as the boys carefully went about their own stringing. Simultaneously, boys could be found working in pairs to construct marshmallow and toothpick structures, using 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks. They had to cooperate with their partner to decide on what in particular they wanted to build, and label it when finished.
KGT boys with 100-day buttons on excitedly began their 100-day celebration by munching on their Fruity Cheerios necklaces while enjoying some special 100-day activities. Prior to their 100-day celebration, the boys had worked together to count out sets of 100 Zoobs to make 10 trays of 100…1,000 Zoobs! The boys set about building creations with the Zoobs that would eventually be compiled into one big class structure. More building fun for the boys as they used what they desired out of the class selection of 100 gumdrops, 100 marshmallows, and 100 toothpicks to create their own mini structures. Fingerprint painting, perfectly suited for 10 fingers, made for artwork comprised of 10 rows of 10!
Thank you to the many parents who came in to assist with the activities in each class!

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