Middle School

Let the Games Begin!

With the excitement surrounding the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the Middle School decided to host its own mini Olympics on February 23. Each homeroom was assigned two countries – a likely high medal earner and an underdog.
National anthems playing, thanks to the help of Jaison Spain, the teams marched behind homemade country flags. An impressive collection of equipment was carried aloft – all made entirely by the boys – and included: bobsleds, skeletons, skis, snowboards, ice skates, helmets and a stone for curling.
The boys were allowed to dress in clothing to promote their country, rather than wearing uniforms for the day, resulting in a colorful array of national sports jerseys, scarves and hats.
The PE Department devised and ran the immensely fun and imaginative games, including the roller bobsled. Ben Neulander compiled Olympic trivia played with Kahoot! Points were scored and medals were earned with the bronze going to 5A, the silver to 6G, and the gold to 6N.
Ben Neulander said to the Middle School during the awards ceremony, “I was so impressed by your creativity. You went above and beyond what we thought you would do when we first conceived the idea. Nice job!”
Special thanks go to Tony D’Itri and Jaison Spain, the Masters of Ceremony, the PE Department, the homeroom teachers and Ben Neulander.
All of the winter sports equipment made by the boys will be on display on the Fifth Floor on Parent/Teacher Conference Day. Stop by and be amazed!

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