Middle School

Middle School Boys Share Knitting Skills with Parents

Passing by Kim Kyte’s office on a Wednesday afternoon, Middle School boys can be found chatting in a relaxed manner as they congregate over their knitting projects in the Middle School Knitting Elective. The boys picked up knitting quickly, with several of them already on to their second project. "We also have the community scarf to which many different boys have added rows," said Middle School Head Kim Kyte, one of the teachers of the elective.
The boys describe knitting as a wonderful way to relax, some knitting before bed, others while taking a break from homework. As well as knitting for pure pleasure, the boys have decided that they would like to knit scarves for those in need at All Souls Church, so scarves are the current hot item.
Sharing their skills on February 9, the boys thoughtfully taught parents how to knit at a breakfast gathering, so that they too could make scarves for All Souls, or simply learn to knit for the fun of it. Several teachers were on hand to assist, but the Middle School boys seemed to be fully in charge of the lesson.
For anyone who is interested in making a scarf too, it is suggested that you buy a pair of size 13 needles and any yarn, then watch the first of these YouTube videos to get started.
Finished scarves for All Souls can be dropped off at School to the attention of Kim Kyte.

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