Middle School

Middle School Makerspace Abuzz at Break Time

Fifth Grade Teacher Lisa Anderson and Digital Media Specialist Chris Caccamise have created a Makerspace for fourth and fifth graders during Break Time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The boys are eagerly learning skills that they might not otherwise have mastered, such as soldering, sewing, knot tying, joining wood and simple circuitry.
To date, the boys have sewn ugly Christmas sweaters both by hand and with the sewing machine. They’ve made Paracord bracelets using different knots and tackled soldering to make chariots out of basic found materials, such as Popsicle sticks and used CDs.
In collaboration with the Make, Design, Tinker (MDT) Curriculum Committee, Mr. Caccamise and I will be incorporating a badge system for the boys to earn badges for their newly acquired skills," said Ms. Anderson.
The Makerspace is also designed to encourage other collaborative project work. Depending on the day, one can find a group working on their robotics presentation for their Lego Mindstorm after school team, another building the vehicle for their Odyssey of the Mind challenge and yet another creating their own school newspaper.
Ms. Anderson said, "I love being in this space where the boys are busy working together to solve problems and excitedly learning and then experimenting with newfound skills!"

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