Sixth Graders Read with First Grade Buddies at P.S. 83

The sixth graders from Allen-Stevenson traveled to P.S. 83 in East Harlem to meet their first-grade buddies for a morning of reading. The Allen-Stevenson sixth graders had spent the past few weeks collecting and sorting books to be donated to P.S. 83 for their classroom libraries as well as for holiday gifts for the children. The boys were thrilled that they managed to collect over 3000 books!
In preparation for their visit to P.S. 83, the sixth graders chose books that they would take with them to read to the first graders. They were advised to think about what a first grader might want to listen to, as well as to consider what interests them. They also talked about letting the first graders read if they wanted to and to think about ways to keep them engaged.
Upon arrival at the school, the Allen-Stevenson group was greeted with a warm welcome, which included a huge, colorful personalized sign. The boys were then introduced to their first-grade buddies before reading their chosen book or books. The first graders from P.S. 83, usually in uniform like the Allen-Stevenson boys, were enjoying an ugly sweater day, so conversations focused around this too.
"Hello, my name is…" cards were presented by the first graders to their buddies with drawings, messages and fun facts about themselves, such as their age, what they like and what they are excited about. As well as making cards, the first graders prepared for the visit by talking about what a boys’ school is (with questions about where the girls have gone) and what they can anticipate doing when they go to visit Allen-Stevenson in February. In one classroom this led to a conversation about instruments since there has been a musical performance during the visit to Allen-Stevenson in the past.
Snacks of yummy donuts and mini muffins were savored as everyone said their goodbyes.
Summing up the visit, Brandon Lioudis said, ”I like that I got to teach the first graders how to read as well as getting to read to them,” while Coby Bronfman said, “I had a good time, but it was more important to me that they (the first graders) had a good time.”
The entire Sixth Grade would like to thank The Allen-Stevenson School community for its generosity, which made it possible to donate so many books to such a wonderful school.

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