Lower School

Christmas Comes to the Kindergarten

Over the past week, kindergartners have been learning about Christmas with the help of parents who have joined the boys in the classroom to share their traditions.
KGT celebrated Christmas in the classroom on December 14 with the help of a large group of parents. To explain the origin of Christmas and some of its traditions a parent read The Story of Christmas, by Patricia Pingry, while using a displayed nativity scene, complete with lights and sounds, to highlight characters and objects from the book. Yummy treats were provided in individual snack bags for consumption during the reading. Hands-on activities began with enthusiasm as the boys made mini-wreath ornaments by threading buttons onto pipe cleaners and gluing bows to the top. To round out the celebration each boy decorated a sugar cookie in the shape of a mitten with red, green and white frosting and lots of M&Ms. Goody bags full of fun activities for the boys were at the ready as they set off from the classroom at the end of the school day.
Visions of tinsel garlands, paper chains, gingerbread, glitter and bells filled the KHP classroom on Monday, December 18, as a number of parents joined their children for a Christmas celebration. The boys listened to parents read The Story of Christmas, by Patricia Pingry, and Merry Christmas from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. Three activities were organized to introduce the boys to some of the traditions of Christmas. These included: decorating sugar cookies with gumdrops, marshmallows, sprinkles and frosting, as well as adding something to the classroom gingerbread house; making ornaments by filling see-through globes with glitter, pompoms and bells; and stringing jingle bell necklaces with beads and miniature bells. A yummy snack consisted of orange slices and the decorated sugar cookies. Lower School Music Teacher Ian Taggart made a surprise visit leading the group in singing “Jingle Bells” while the boys shook their jingle bell necklaces in time to the music. For a community project, each boy made four parts of a paper chain garland, which when attached together reached across the classroom. Santa gift bags were at the ready for each boy to take home.
Listening to a book that told the story of the very first Christmas read by a parent in KBM opened the class Christmas celebration on December 19. A nativity scene was on display to help with the telling of the story, and thoughtful questions from the boys followed. Creative Christmas-themed crafts were organized by parents and included: making two different ornaments -- a see-through sphere filled with glitter, bows, pompoms and bells, and a candy cane made from red and white beads threaded onto pipe cleaners; piecing together a miniature Lego nativity scene; and decorating a gingerbread man and a shortbread tree cookie with frosting, sprinkles, Hershey’s kisses and tiny candy Santa Clauses and Christmas trees. Little faces covered in green frosting were proof that the cookies were absolutely delicious! The boys and parents reconvened on the rug to sing some Christmas favorites before leaving for the day with goody bags full of Christmas fun!
A huge thank you to all the parents who made the Christmas celebrations so merry!

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