Ninth Graders Experience Drums and Dance at Lincoln Center

Ninth Graders The Ninth Grade was treated to a special concert at Lincoln Center featuring a world-class group Los Pleneros de la 21 for an hour of Bomba and Plena, African and Puerto Rican traditions fused in music and dance, that was truly riveting.
A combination of drums, chant and movement kept the boys' captivated for an hour and saw four ninth graders take to the stage, drumming or dancing as volunteers. Jaison Spain ‘97 joined them as well insightful as always when he observed before a full house how the drums and dancer were interacting!  
Lunch from Dos Toros capped off the event. Thank you to Allen-Stevenson and the Orchestra Travel Fund for making this possible, and thank you to the chaperones who made this trip especially fun!

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