Fall Affinity Group Gatherings

In keeping with our School’s Community Statement: “acquiring the skills necessary for participating in cross-cultural interactions and promoting natural understanding,” we are excited about the affinity groups that are engaging the Allen-Stevenson community this year.
We wanted to share with you some of the events that have already taken place this fall.
Our student affinity groups: BOCAS (Boys of Color at Allen-Stevenson), GSA (Gay, Straight, Alliance), ERGO (Exploring Race, Gender, Origins) along with faculty facilitators gave an edifying presentation on affinity and ally groups at Allen Stevenson during a Friday Morning Meeting, with alumnus Addeson Lehv '18 as emcee.
Our PA Community Life + Diversity Committee meets regularly and hosts events. These offer community members opportunities to engage in conversations that matter to all, through Parent Chats such as the one for dads titled "Gentlemen Raising Gentlemen," the Speakers Series, and affinity group discussions.
The Asian Affinity Group hosted a breakfast meeting where everyone shared their experiences of growing up as Asian Americans and growing up in other countries. They also reflected how they helped their sons who may or may not identify as being Asian, learn more about their identity and culture.
Families of Color had a captivating dinner meeting with six former parents and two of their alumni sons who returned to discuss their Allen-Stevenson journey. Each shared tips and stories with current parents about what made their time at Allen-Stevenson a successful one.
The GSA (Gay, Straight, Alliance) Parent Group, held a breakfast meeting among faculty and parents and discussed LGBTQ issues, ways to build a positive and supportive environment, and possibly working toward a more inclusive Allen-Stevenson Community.
Having affinity groups facilitates our leading efforts to instill intentional, constructive, and meaningful discussions and practices that support members of our A-S community. They enrich the collaborative process, deepen the understanding of our similarities and differences, and provide us all with an opportunity to reach out and take the best care of others within our school, our lives, and the world. Please click here for more information about affinity groups.

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