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Alumni of Color Gathering

On November 21, more than 30 alumni, current students, and faculty/staff participated in the first Alumni of Color gathering. The current students are members of BOCAS, a school affinity group for boys of color at Allen-Stevenson. The group is overseen by Jennifer Vermont-Davis, a faculty member who is also a member of the Community Life + Diversity team. The class years of the alumni and students ranged from 1976 through 2020.
Jaison Spain '97 and Ms. Vermont-Davis led an honest and open discussion about the importance of community, connections, and the role that alumni can play to help current students. Everyone present echoed their appreciation for the academic opportunities at A-S, along with athletics and the arts. Mr. Spain '97 said "A-S will give you the chance to do almost everything. It's overwhelming, and that's a good thing." 
One of the initiatives of this newly formed group will be the start of a mentoring program. Alumni of color recognize the importance of giving back, and one transformational way is through a mentoring program. Having this program will give members of BOCAS an opportunity to network, make connections, and have candid discussions. But the main purpose will be to build a community of support.

We hope to match each member of BOCAS with a mentor from this group who will provide guidance and support throughout their time here at A-S and beyond.
The group is already looking to plan another event in early 2018. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to Samantha Koss in the Alumni office.

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