Members of Stevens Institute of Technology SU+RE HOUSE Team Speak to Fifth Graders

The fifth grade boys were extremely fortunate to hear from Alex Guimaraes and Chris Hamm, two members of the Stevens Institute team that won the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015 for their SU+RE House design. The house represents the team’s vision of a SUstainable (high performance insulation with renewable energy sources) + REsilient (storm resistant/durable) home that could be safely built in a shore area at great risk of rising sea levels and highly damaging storms.
Chris and Alex walked the boys through the various research, design and testing phases they undertook with their team of over 60 Stevens’ undergraduate and graduate students over a 2-year period. They explained to the boys that testing, sometimes followed by redesign, was a critical component to the creation of their SU+RE House. The presentation was particularly fascinating because the real-life engineering design challenges for SU+RE House echo those set for the very STEAM V model waterside home challenge in process!
In conjunction with learning about SU+RE House, the boys took to the science lab to test various "insulation" materials for protection against heat flow that they could then incorporate into their model homes during the next STEAM V build phase. Hearing about a real life waterside home project made this classroom research all the more exciting!

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