Baseball Season Kicks Off at A-S with 1R Play

It's officially baseball season! To welcome it's start at Allen-Stevenson, 1R boys performed their class play, Casey at the Bat, for the Lower School and 1R parents on April 7. The play is based on the classic baseball poem, Casey at the Bat, written in 1888, by Ernest Lawrence Thayer.
The curtain rose to reveal the stage already set for the big game with the pitcher, catcher, umpire and batters in position on the pitch. The eager crowd made up of 1R boys and faces they had painted on a backdrop mural were ready for this entertaining performance.
With the help of family members, the boys created their own costumes complete with fake moustaches, which were very popular at the time the poem was written, and hats, in particular flat caps, which were just coming into fashion.
Accompanied on the guitar by Erik Resurreccion, 1R Teacher and the play’s director, the boys sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," "T-E-A-M (the Baseball Game)," from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and one of their favorites, "In the Very Middle."
The boys did an excellent job mimicking a baseball game in slow motion and memorizing their lines, showing just how comfortable they are becoming at performing in front of a large audience.
Thank you to Jaison Spain ’97 for all his help with the play.

Click here to see the program.

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