• October

    A Stellar Musical Collaboration between Allen-Stevenson and Nightingale-Bamford

    On October 26, 2018, Allen-Stevenson and the Nightingale-Bamford School partnered to put on their second showing of Shrek The Musical Jr.
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  • Film Directors in the Making

    Students in the 7th and 8th grade Film and Media class spent last week discussing the concepts and structure for their short films. The class, taught by Julia Kunin, Head of the Art Department, and Anis Ghanem, Administration Assistant & Receptionist, gives the boys the opportunity to make a statement through the creation of a film based upon a social justice issue.
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  • April

    Delving Deeper Into Art Passions During Open Studio

    Open Studio in the Upper School is unique in that it provides a space where Upper School boys can create art projects of their own choice. Boys work with painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, computer art and more. This studio time gives the boys an opportunity to try new techniques and develop a particular skill or passion. It also enables the boys to work very closely with the art teacher on hand. What the boys really like is the fact that this is a chance to be even more self-directed and independent.
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  • Eye-Catching Artwork Welcomes Guests at A-S Family Benefit

    Stunning student artwork was on display for guests upon arrival at the Allen-Stevenson Family Benefit on April 11.
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  • Understanding Facial Proportions in Fifth Grade

    At the beginning of the semester, fifth graders in Alex Exposito’s art class studied portraiture, looking at the anatomical structure of the face. Boys discussed the parts of the eye and their placement, size, and scale. Using mirrors, boys examined their eyes, noses, and mouths, paying particular attention to proportion.
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  • Kindergarten Boys Learn About Motion Through Marble Runs

    A flurry of activity took place in the art room when the kindergartners were given the opportunity to build their own marble runs out of tape, cardboard and Popsicle sticks.
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  • January

    Stop Motion Animation in Sixth Grade Art Classes

    In Sixth Grade, students focus on developing their drawing skills working both from observation and imagination, with the goal of creating a stop motion animation. Students watch and analyze several stop motion videos, including those by the group Blu, who created videos in the streets of Buenos Aires. The boys then created storyboards for their own stop motion projects, incorporating visual transformations based upon the concept of creating a narrative through movement and change.
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