• July

    "A-Z Files" Highlights Original Work by Students

    Allen-Stevenson’s Sixth Edition of the A-Z Files appeared at this year’s Book Fair in May.
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  • June

    Upper School Closing Exercises 2018

    Upper School Closing Exercises took place on May 31, at the Eighth Church of Christ Scientist, a location that holds special meaning for the School as it previously served as the site for Closing Exercises a number of years ago.
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  • Spring Sports 2018

    It was a strong season for The Unicorns this spring. Highlights for the three Varsity teams are as follows:
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  • Celebratory Dinner for Classes of 2018 and 2019

    The boys from the Classes of 2018 and 2019 celebrated their time at Allen-Stevenson with their families and faculty and staff members the night before Closing Exercises.
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  • May

    Ninth Graders Tackle Ethical Questions Through Facing History Project

    Every spring term, ninth graders participate in an interdisciplinary program of study called Facing History & Ourselves. Using the Holocaust as a case study, the boys examine what it means to be an active participant in a democracy. Specifically, the boys examine the different ways in which individuals faced with ethical dilemmas act as bystanders, upstanders, victims, and perpetrators. In most cases, the boys walk away with an understanding that history is the product of many small, individual choices.
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  • Upper School Honors Assembly 2018

    The Allen-Stevenson Honors Assembly is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the many ways that boys can be boys at the School.  Awards are presented to Upper School boys for their excellence across many different disciplines.
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  • Topical Theme for Seventh Grade Play

    Seventh graders from Allen-Stevenson and Nightingale-Bamford transported the audience back to the ‘30s and the time of The Great Depression in America as they performed Arthur Miller’s memory piece, The American Clock.
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  • A-S Book Fair at Barnes & Noble Provides Enjoyable Change

    This year’s Allen-Stevenson Book Fair took to a new space, while the schoolhouse is undergoing building work. Barnes & Noble, not far from the School, provided the perfect venue for a chance to gather around an abundance of books for readers of all ages. Tables were set up by division and genre, as is the norm at the Fair, and were piled high with an impressive selection of books curated by the Library team.
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  • Building Empathy Through Jackie Robinson Monologues in Spanish

    Seventh graders were asked to step into the shoes of characters from Jackie Robinson’s life. After watching 42: The True Story of an American Legend, each boy crafted an original monologue from the perspective of someone central to Robinson’s early career in the mid-1940s. They were tasked to incorporate carefully-chosen vocabulary words and grammatical structures in addition to specific moments to create historical depth and emotional potency.
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  • Thank You Extended to all PA Volunteers

    Parents attending the PA Thank You Breakfast on May 21 were fortunate to hear from a panel of eighth-grade boys – Jackson Deans, Henry Adkins, Austin Baxter, Luke Jovanovic and Holden Lipton – about their experiences at Allen-Stevenson over the years.
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  • Varsity Baseball Team Beats Buckley to Clinch 2018 League Championship

    The Allen-Stevenson Varsity Baseball team became League Champions on Tuesday, May 21. It had been twenty years since A-S won a baseball title, so the six-day wait to complete their Buckley game shouldn’t have felt so long.
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  • Orchestra Spring Concert Incorporates Broad Range of Music

    The beautiful and mighty sounds of the Orchestra’s Spring Concert on May 14 demonstrated just how much these boys have worked together throughout the year, and in a rehearsal space unfamiliar to them. As Orchestra Director Randy Schrade said, "These boys know each other well in school, but finding their sound {and making it work} in this new space has necessitated a different kind of fusion of their combined forces."
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  • Wonderfully Varied Topics Shared at 7th and 9th Grade Science Fair

    The passion the boys showed for their scientific research topics was clearly demonstrated at the joint Seventh Grade and Ninth Grade Science Fair on May 10. The boys were well versed as they explained to parents, faculty, staff and other students the theories they’d studied and the experiments they’d undertaken to reach their findings.
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  • Unicorns Keep Open Chance for Matchup with Buckley

    On May 10, The Allen-Stevenson School Varsity Baseball team had to pull off a tremendous comeback to keep their hopes alive for an MPMSBL title. Six runs in the final two innings kept their matchup with Buckley the following week meaningful.
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  • Eighth Graders Explain Fascinating Research at Science Fair

    How do you set water on fire? Does Lebron James get better with age? What do you need to make a homemade speaker?
    This is a taste of the types of questions the eighth graders answered at the Eighth Grade Science Fair on May 8, as they shared their research and experiments with parents, teachers and other students.
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  • Ninth Graders Study Anatomy Through Dissection

    The ninth graders began their study of gross anatomy with the dissection of the earthworm on May 8. To date, the boys have studied mostly physiology and chemistry. Upper School Science Teacher Jeffrey Herschenhous explained that he is shifting the science curriculum to gross anatomy for the last part of the school year.
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  • Season Begins Well for Track and Field Team

    The Track and Field team is off to a great start this season with all 22 boys meeting their personal bests. On the track, the boys’ running form is improving across the board. In the field events, returning athletes and newcomers are progressing well.
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  • Middle School Speech Contestants Focus on Current World-Wide Events

    The breadth of topics and the wealth of research were clearly evident in the 2018 Middle School Speech Contest. Many of the boys focused on very relevant topics.
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  • April

    Delving Deeper Into Art Passions During Open Studio

    Open Studio in the Upper School is unique in that it provides a space where Upper School boys can create art projects of their own choice. Boys work with painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, computer art and more. This studio time gives the boys an opportunity to try new techniques and develop a particular skill or passion. It also enables the boys to work very closely with the art teacher on hand. What the boys really like is the fact that this is a chance to be even more self-directed and independent.
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  • Upper School Speech Contestants Provide Both Insight and Opinion

    Beginning with a warm welcome from Luke Jovanovic '19, the emcee for the morning, the Upper School Speech Contest was underway. Luke explained, "The journey began with classroom speeches that were between two and a half and three and a half minutes long on any topic of a boy’s choosing." If selected from the first round of judging, speakers moved on to the finals.
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  • An Unforgettable Night at Camp A-S

    The full summer camp experience was on offer at the Allen-Stevenson 2018 Family Spring Benefit for the over 700 campers, counselors and "staff" who attended!
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  • March

    Rave Reviews for New A-S Musical Revue: "Boys, Broadway & Beyond"

    For the first time ever, the annual winter musical was a Broadway Musical Revue, called Boys, Broadway & Beyond. This innovative and exciting theatrical experience featured numbers from shows of many eras including: Into the WoodsHairsprayHamiltonGodspellLes MiserablesOliverSpelling BeeHair, Newsies and others.
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  • Eighth Graders Present Found Poems

    By English Teacher Susan Lukas
    The Eighth Grade boys recently finished the study of A Separate Peace, the classic novel that takes place at Devon School (think Phillips Exeter) during World War II, a novel that deals with friendship, betrayal, innocence, and the harsh realities of war and adulthood. After weeks of close reading and discussions, it was time for them to demonstrate what they’d learned. I wanted the final project for this study to be different from our ordinary essay work: I wanted students to explore and incorporate the novel’s various themes, motifs, and symbols into a kind of found poem using words and phrases from the book. Their project had to be a well-crafted poem that showed a keen understanding of the complexities embedded in A Separate Peace, and it had to make sense. It could rhyme, but it didn’t have to rhyme. It had to be substantive, and they needed to keep track of all the words they used and the pages they took them from. In order for them to understand important aspects of poetry writing, such as where to end lines and why, how to use white space and punctuation, and when to emphasize a word or phrase, the boys collaborated on a number of group exercises designed to illuminate those skills. Finally, they were to produce the poem on an 11x17 inch poster artistically designed to enhance their written work and present it orally to the class and other members of the school community.
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  • 48th Academic Bowl Puts General Knowledge to the Test

    Friday Morning Meeting opened with Jordan Wasserberger ’19 and Kerim Eken ’00 reaching out to the boys in Grades 6 to 8 asking them to submit writing, music, artwork and more, for this year's A-Z Files, its 6th edition. The A-Z Files is a publication that features exemplary original work by A-S students, and was designed to honor Zach Levy ’00. This year a section featuring foreign language submissions has been added. Mr. Eken encouraged the boys to use their upcoming Spring Break to "explore ideas that they’ve conceived and to express them through a medium that makes them happy." He went on to say, "The A-Z Files is a great way to leave your mark at Allen-Stevenson." The deadline for submissions is April 20. These can be sent to English Teacher Pete Haarmann or a-zfiles@gmail.com.
    Then it was on to this year’s Academic Bowl…the School’s 48th!
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  • February

    Winter Athletics 2017-18

    We had a fantastic winter season in athletics. The boys and coaches worked very well together and made a challenging schedule a success.
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  • Seventh Graders Discuss Spain’s #NoSeasAnimal Campaign to Address Sexual Harassment

    Spanish Teacher Stephen Krawec introduced his seventh grade Spanish class to a clever new social media campaign from Spain entitled #NoSeasAnimal. The campaign, launched by the Andalusian Women’s Institute (Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer), is designed to draw attention to sexual harassment (acoso sexual) by comparing disrespectful human behavior to the predatory behaviors of certain animals.
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  • Alumni at A-S: Andrew Arias '92

    Andrew Arias '92, a captain with the New York Police Department, came to the School on January 12, 2018. Mr. Arias spoke to a group of Upper School boys about his life at A-S through the present day. The article, first published in the Blue & Gold Alumni Newsletter, was written by Braden Queen '20, a member of the Upper School Newspaper elective group. Special thanks to Mr. Kersey, Mr. Keats, Ms. Sklow, and Mr. Fennelly and the boys in their elective groups.
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  • BOCAS Boys Pay Tribute to Black Lives in Honor of Black History Month

    A celebration of Black History Month took place at the Friday Morning Meeting for Middle School and Upper School boys on February 9. Emcee George Lucas '18 did a wonderful job introducing and thanking speakers throughout the meeting, which incorporated a mixture of music, poems, research and impactful facts, all moving tributes to the lives of Black people and their history.
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  • Deconstructing Books During Adi’s Reading Challenge Voting Parties

    Lively, thoughtful discussions amongst avid readers took place in the Library this past week as the boys who read a number of the books for this year’s Adi’s Reading Challenge, named to honor the life of Aditya Srinivasan '19, joined in voting parties to select their choice for the ALA’s Newbery Medal. Adi’s Challenge included some of the best children’s books published in 2017.
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  • US Orchestra Inspired by Live Salsa Orchestra at Lincoln Center

    On February 8, the boys in the Upper School Orchestra were fortunate to listen to the sounds of the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra at Lincoln Center. Comprised of 11 musicians on percussion, rhythm instruments, horns, and vocals, the group performed a range of pieces -- five of which were covers of modern indie rock songs sung in English, such as “Young Folks” by PB&J and “Lonely” by the Black Keys. Other pieces included traditional songs with a Cuban spin, influenced by jazz bands, and a song that was written by the main singer, which she sang in Spanish. All of the songs were arrangements by the timbales player.
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  • A-S Successfully Competes at MATHCOUNTS Competition

    On Saturday, February 3, four seventh grade students and six eighth grade students, coached by Math Teacher Will Goss, competed in the MATHCOUNTS Manhattan math competition at Baruch College. Benjamin Forman '19, Raam Melvani '20, Harrison Schneider '19, and Gregory Stone '19 comprised team Allen-Stevenson, while Evan Friday '20, John Henry '20, Jack Hurewitz '20, Alexander MacLennan '19, Tola Olorode '19, and Malcolm Whites '19 competed as individuals.
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  • A-S Community Fun On and Off the Ice at PA Skating Party

    With stunning views overlooking the Hudson River, and the Statue of Liberty in the distance, families, faculty and staff, including Headmaster David Trower, gathered at Chelsea Piers for the Community Ice Skating Party on the evening of January 31.
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  • Teachers Explain Tech Tools for Home and School at Tech Tuesday

    Tech Tuesday on January 30 involved teachers manning a wide array of stations at which parents could learn about the many different tech tools that are being used by their sons at School, many of which are accessible at home. 

    A number of these resources are available through Allen-Stevenson’s Library database page. Go to aslibrary.net, click on databases and log in with your school website credentials to access these private pages.
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  • January

    Allen-Stevenson Grows and Educates Allies

    Ally Week kicked off with a Lower School Assembly on Friday, January 19, at which the Third Grade Ally Week ambassadors explained what an ally is, who some famous allies are and how A-S boys can be allies. (See attached video.) The Lower School classrooms spent time during their morning meetings all week discussing scenarios in which an ally is needed and how one can be an ally. (Click here for a sample scenario.) Homerooms read books about gender identity and different family structures as part of the conversation.
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  • Musical Joy at Winter Choral Concert

    All Souls Church was the perfect setting for incredibly beautiful singing on January 23 as the Allen-Stevenson Middle School and Upper School Choruses performed their Winter Choral Concert. While not the usual venue or time of year for the choruses to perform, it was, as Headmaster David Trower said referring to a hymn that suited this instance, "New occasions teach new duties."
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  • Friday Morning Meeting: A Time to Recognize Dr. Terry and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Opening for the Friday Morning Meeting on January 12, Aleeza Meir played a variation from the first movement of Mozart's Piano Sonata in A Major, KV 331. MCs Valen McCallum '18 and Jonathan Moya '18 welcomed the Middle and Upper School boys and faculty and staff before Head of Music Michelle Demko led everyone in singing "Down by the Riverside."
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  • Creative Artifacts Displayed at Eighth Grade MAOseum

    The Eighth Grade boys spent a term devoted entirely to the study of Chinese history and culture, and the leader of the Communist Party Mao Zedong. The MAOseum Exhibit, this December, displayed art made by each student in response to the study of Mao Zedong. Included in the displays were written explanations of each student’s art, along with his own poetry. There were two parts to the boys' assignments: a power paragraph that explains what he decided to do to represent his thesis and why he chose what he created, and an artifact that supports or represents his thesis.
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