• November

    First Graders Spearhead Parents Association’s Hats, Coats, and Mittens Drive

    In late October and early November, the first grade boys helped out with the Parents Association’s Hats, Coats and Mittens Drive; an activity that not only reinforced the importance of doing your civic duty but also helped to hone mathematic skills integral to developing a well-rounded boy.
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  • Boys in 2D Learn About Veterans Day

    To celebrate Veterans Day, the second grade boys in 2D were lucky enough to have René Rivera, Receptionist, Administration Assistant, and Marine Corps Veteran, talk to them about the importance of this public holiday. 
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  • Celebrating Diwali in the Lower School

    On November 7, KHP and 1J, taught by Alice Heminway and Sophy Joseph respectively, hosted Diwali celebrations, with the help of Allen-Stevenson parents.
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  • First Graders Reinforcing Reading Skills, Building Confidence, and Honing Teamwork

    Over the last few weeks our first graders, with the help of teacher Jenny Griffiths, worked collaboratively on a writing project. Together they studied characters and plot to co-author a book. This work has helped to reinforce reading skills as well as to build confidence.
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  • October

    Art and Science Combined to Learn about Bones

    On October 29, our 2nd grade boys learned about bones using plaster of paris with Dr. Alexis Colvin, mother of Max Colvin ’25 and Sebastian Colvin ’26.
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  • Third Graders Discover Books In a Different Way

    This week, third graders in Katherine Callahan’s class were tasked with finding their new favorite book genre…in a unique way!
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  • First Graders Show Care with Cards for Classmates

    First graders in Sophy Joseph’s class recently read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. As a group, they talked about how everyone has an invisible bucket that they carry around with them all day and that filling others’ buckets with positive comments and actions helps them feel happy throughout the day. The boys made cards for their classmates as a way of filling their buckets.
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  • The Art and Science of Physics

    Last week, our first grade boys got to try their hands at being engineers.
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  • Happy Birthday, Allen-Stevenson!

    Today we celebrated Allen-Stevenson’s 136th birthday—how the time flies!
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  • Technological Tools for Teaching Spanish in Kindergarten

    Yesterday, our kindergartners learned how to say different colors in Spanish using some of the best technology available to teachers.
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  • September

    2018 All School Picnic: A Success!

    Neither rain nor wet fields can keep The Allen-Stevenson School community down!
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  • Learning & Helping The Environment, Too!

    This year, our first, second, and third grade students, under the inspired vision of Grace Sur, Lower School Administrative Coordinator & Specialist, and Second Grade Teacher Sophie Dwyer, along with the incredible support of the Maintenance team, we have put a recycling system in place that has taught the boys to be expert recyclers. 
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  • June

    Lower School Closing Exercises 2018

    The end of the school year concluded for the Lower School with two Closing Exercises – one for Kindergarten and First Grade and one for Grades 2 and 3. The occasion provided a chance to sing and have fun with music, and to celebrate all the work the boys have completed over the year.
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  • May

    Lower School’s Final Assembly of the Year

    To close out the year at the final Lower School Assembly on May 29, all of the Lower School faculty and boys gathered in the Gym to celebrate their community and the journeys on which some are embarking.
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  • Patriotism Shines Brightly at "Mr. America" Performance

    A truly patriotic morning created through music, dance and verse were on offer with the annual Third Grade’s Mr. America performance, the culmination of the boys’ yearlong study of the United States.
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  • A-S Book Fair at Barnes & Noble Provides Enjoyable Change

    This year’s Allen-Stevenson Book Fair took to a new space, while the schoolhouse is undergoing building work. Barnes & Noble, not far from the School, provided the perfect venue for a chance to gather around an abundance of books for readers of all ages. Tables were set up by division and genre, as is the norm at the Fair, and were piled high with an impressive selection of books curated by the Library team.
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  • 2R Boys See Masterpieces at Pace Gallery

    Ginny Rowe's class, 2R, had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Pace Gallery, at 32 57th Street, thanks to Alexander Glimcher's parents, Marc Glimcher and Andrea Glimcher.
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  • KHP Boys Showcase Vehicles and Research from Transportation Study

    The boys from KHP delighted their audience as they recited facts about the transportation vehicles they had made from recycled materials as part of an extensive study of transportation. Following their showcase, the boys shared research books they’d compiled that explained how they had collected information to create their vehicle.
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  • KGT Boys Share Spanish Skills Through Song and Dance

    To showcase their Spanish skills, KGT performed an original production, “Los Sevillanos,” inspired by La Feria, in Sevilla, Spain, a celebration of the coming of spring. “Los Sevillanos” follows three American travelers to Sevilla, Spain, during La Feria. Los Sevillanos (the people of Sevilla) welcome these newcomers and introduce them to the festival!
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  • Third Grade Ensemble Shines in Debut Performance

    By Randolph Schrade '76
    Members of the Third Grade Ensemble let their light shine for the first time for Kindergarten grandparents and special friends, not to mention the Kindergarten itself (future musicians!) They kicked off with a little pre-concert show consisting of solos that seemed effortless but were well-rehearsed. Then they played a couple of pieces showing the intricacies of a group working together, alternating techniques and challenging passages. They performed "The Metronome" and "Little Clock" strongly as if they were in the playoffs. Well done, Third Grade!
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  • A Taste of First Grade in Poetry Presented by 1B

    1B presented “A Taste of First Grade in Poetry” as a way to showcase the variety of work from the year for their families and teachers on May 1.
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  • April

    2D Earth Day Discussions Inspire Environmental Presentations and Poems

    To recognize Earth Day, 2D brainstormed environmental topics as a class. After a thoughtful discussion about these important issues, each boy self-selected a topic of interest to him. Using the Internet and a variety of library books, the boys took notes about their chosen subject and ultimately turned these into iPad presentations using the program Explain Everything, which they had previously learned how to use with Technology Resource Teacher Peter Fletcher in computer class. Photos to support the presentations were chosen from pre-approved images on Photos for Class. To round out the presentation the boys included an "About the Author" page, with personal facts and a selfie taken on the iPad.
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  • A Poetry Café to Showcase 1S Poems

    With a chance to showcase their classroom study of poetry, 1S boys turned their classroom into a Poetry Café on April 20.
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  • 1R Showcase Celebrates Poetry

    This spring, 1R has been studying various forms of poetry in honor of National Poetry Month – April. On Tuesday, April 24, 1R presented their poetry showcase in the Lower School Town Center.
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  • KBM Strengthens the Mind and Body with Yoga

    "When your mind is flexible you can learn new things," proclaimed one of the boys from KBM during the class Yoga demonstration for parents, teachers, and friends on April 18.
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  • KHP Creates PSAs to Make School a Better Place

    The hand-drawn posters seen dotted around the School, near the water coolers, in the stairwells, and outside the Nurse’s Office, are PSAs (Public Service Announcements) made by the boys in KHP.
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  • Second Graders Use Imagination and Problem-Solving to Design Inventions

    Second graders created innovative inventions in science class, which were designed to solve everyday problems.
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  • An Unforgettable Night at Camp A-S

    The full summer camp experience was on offer at the Allen-Stevenson 2018 Family Spring Benefit for the over 700 campers, counselors and "staff" who attended!
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  • Pom Pom Making in the Second Grade

    Vibrant colored yarns were turned into poms poms by the second graders during a special class project over several weeks in April.
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  • Kindergarten Boys Learn About Motion Through Marble Runs

    A flurry of activity took place in the art room when the kindergartners were given the opportunity to build their own marble runs out of tape, cardboard and Popsicle sticks.
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  • Innovative Ways to Learn Spanish in Third Grade

    Third graders performed Spanish skits set in a restaurant of their choice for an audience of parents and teachers on April 5.
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  • Third Graders Create Inventions To Solve Everyday Problems

    The third grade boys were excited to have the chance to create prototypes of inventions that solve everyday problems that were relatable to each of them.
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  • March

    2P Boys Showcase Immigration STEAM Project

    The boys in 2P were excited to have the chance to showcase for parents all the hard work they’d put into their immigration STEAM project over the past few months.
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  • 2R Immigration Showcase – A Journey with Immigrants

    To showcase the important work 2R has undertaken throughout its immigration study this year the boys prepared narratives, a blended piece of fiction and non-fiction, to present to parents with the help of their teacher Ginny Rowe and Technical Director Stacy Donovan.  Learning what classifies something as a showcase, as well as developing their presentation skills, was a key part of this process. This is the first time a showcase has ever been performed in Second Grade.
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  • One Hundred Days of School

    Kindergartners in KBM and KHP celebrated their hundredth day of school on Friday, February 23 and KGT on February 26.
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  • February

    Lunar New Year Celebrations Provide Good Luck Wishes

    What excitement there was when the first day of the Lunar New Year was celebrated in the Lower School with performances by the Bo Law Kung Fu School!
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  • A-S Community Fun On and Off the Ice at PA Skating Party

    With stunning views overlooking the Hudson River, and the Statue of Liberty in the distance, families, faculty and staff, including Headmaster David Trower, gathered at Chelsea Piers for the Community Ice Skating Party on the evening of January 31.
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  • Teachers Explain Tech Tools for Home and School at Tech Tuesday

    Tech Tuesday on January 30 involved teachers manning a wide array of stations at which parents could learn about the many different tech tools that are being used by their sons at School, many of which are accessible at home. 

    A number of these resources are available through Allen-Stevenson’s Library database page. Go to aslibrary.net, click on databases and log in with your school website credentials to access these private pages.
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  • January

    Allen-Stevenson Grows and Educates Allies

    Ally Week kicked off with a Lower School Assembly on Friday, January 19, at which the Third Grade Ally Week ambassadors explained what an ally is, who some famous allies are and how A-S boys can be allies. (See attached video.) The Lower School classrooms spent time during their morning meetings all week discussing scenarios in which an ally is needed and how one can be an ally. (Click here for a sample scenario.) Homerooms read books about gender identity and different family structures as part of the conversation.
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  • Creative Ways to Learn Vocabulary in Spanish

    The second graders have become extremely comfortable with the Spanish words for items of clothing thanks to the use of Total Physical Response (TPR) and interactive games implemented by their Spanish teacher, Stephen Krawec.
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  • 2R Learns About Daily Life and Traditions in India From Classmate

    Following a recent trip to India, Atri in 2R thought it would be interesting to share some of the things he saw and experienced with his classmates.
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  • Changing it Up for the Lower School Family Breakfasts

    The Lower School family breakfasts were a huge hit this year! A change to the previous format worked beautifully. Instead of having a Fathers’ Breakfast and a Mothers’ Breakfast there were two separate family breakfasts, which allowed a family to decide how they wanted to be represented based on their composition and schedule not simply on the assumption that each boy has a father and a mother, and one who is free on one specific date.
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