• February

    A-S Community Fun On and Off the Ice at PA Skating Party

    With stunning views overlooking the Hudson River, and the Statue of Liberty in the distance, families, faculty and staff, including Headmaster David Trower, gathered at Chelsea Piers for the Community Ice Skating Party on the evening of January 31.
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  • Teachers Explain Tech Tools for Home and School at Tech Tuesday

    Tech Tuesday on January 30 involved teachers manning a wide array of stations at which parents could learn about the many different tech tools that are being used by their sons at School, many of which are accessible at home. 

    A number of these resources are available through Allen-Stevenson’s Library database page. Go to aslibrary.net, click on databases and log in with your school website credentials to access these private pages.
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  • January

    Allen-Stevenson Grows and Educates Allies

    Ally Week kicked off with a Lower School Assembly on Friday, January 19, at which the Third Grade Ally Week ambassadors explained what an ally is, who some famous allies are and how A-S boys can be allies. (See attached video.) The Lower School classrooms spent time during their morning meetings all week discussing scenarios in which an ally is needed and how one can be an ally. (Click here for a sample scenario.) Homerooms read books about gender identity and different family structures as part of the conversation.
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  • Creative Ways to Learn Vocabulary in Spanish

    The second graders have become extremely comfortable with the Spanish words for items of clothing thanks to the use of Total Physical Response (TPR) and interactive games implemented by their Spanish teacher, Stephen Krawec.
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  • 2R Learns About Daily Life and Traditions in India From Classmate

    Following a recent trip to India, Atri in 2R thought it would be interesting to share some of the things he saw and experienced with his classmates.
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  • Changing it Up for the Lower School Family Breakfasts

    The Lower School family breakfasts were a huge hit this year! A change to the previous format worked beautifully. Instead of having a Fathers’ Breakfast and a Mothers’ Breakfast there were two separate family breakfasts, which allowed a family to decide how they wanted to be represented based on their composition and schedule not simply on the assumption that each boy has a father and a mother, and one who is free on one specific date.
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