• October

    October 5 2018 Update

    The steel supporting the townhouse structure has been completely removed and restoration of the townhouse façade has begun.
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  • September

    September 25 2018 Update

    Due to the increase in stories on the south building, the School will require a generator when completed. The tank to fuel the generator has been installed in the south building, allowing us to proceed with completion of the Assembly Hall.
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  • September 6 2018 Update

    In an effort to accelerate work on the Townhouse, we will begin demolition of the temporary steel structure at the front of the building and its footings on Wednesday, September 19, continuing through weekdays and Saturdays until the work is complete. This will allow us to restore the historic facade before the cold weather sets in.
    The final design of the North Gym structure is close to completion. The new steel structure will be built on Saturdays going forward.
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  • August 2018 Update

    Most of the essential foundation and extensive structural work for the weight of the new Athletics and Physical Education spaces has been completed.
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  • July

    July 12 2018 Update

    Townhouse construction continues with mechanical risers completed, main schoolhouse connections are prepared, exterior windows are in fabrication, and interior framing is underway.
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  • July 10 2018 Update

    Structural steel work has been the focus of the construction this summer – all part of preparing our current schoolhouse for the addition of the new “Fieldhouse in the Sky”.
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  • April

    April 10 2018 Update

    At a recent all-school meeting, a review and update were provided regarding the scope of the School’s construction project. The presentation highlighted planned construction priorities for Summer 2018. A few key updates are below:
    • Foundation work continues in the Dining Room to ready it for the addition of the regulation size gym to the main schoolhouse. Additional foundation work is necessary due to site conditions discovered in the renovation of the Dining Room.
    • Construction of the School’s new kitchen is underway, with completion linked to receiving a Temporary Certification of Occupancy (TCO) and Fire Dept. approval. We expect to have use of the Dining Room before the kitchen will be ready.
    • With the addition of our new Athletic Center on top of the Schoolhouse, the building will be designated as a high-rise. This classification requires a full sprinkler system.
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  • February

    February 9 2018 Update

    The School’s construction sites have been very busy this week. Townhouse construction continues; demolition of the Dining Room and Kitchen is underway; the rooftop cage is being dismantled in preparation for construction of our new Gym. In addition, the Assembly Hall floor will be poured in the next few days as we make progress towards the completion of the Assembly Hall this summer.
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  • January

    January 12 2018 Update

    • Work has commenced on the north building gym with demolition of the play space cage.
    • Subsurface work is nearing completion in the Assembly Hall.
    • Underground plumbing has commenced in the townhouse.
    • New fire service from East 77th Street has been brought in the building.
    • Work has begun on merging the old and the new structures at the townhouse connection.
    • The dining room has been taken offline in anticipation of additional foundation work in the north building which is designed to accommodate the new gym.
    • We have extended the sidewalk shed and installed scaffolding in front of the north building.
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