• May

    Community Dinner Provides Chance to Grow Deeper Bonds

    On Friday evening, May 18, the Community Life + Diversity Committee hosted its final event of the year. This Community Dinner was a celebration and a fitting end to a dynamic year of interesting chats and amazing speakers.
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  • CL+D Introduces Parents to Sex Education for Boys

    The CL+D Committee of the Parents Association organized a parent sex education talk for boys called Love, Consent & Porn with Justine Ang Fonte*.

    During this incredibly informative Parent Chat, Ms. Fonte explained, parents are the number one sex educator in their child’s life. She spent the time dispelling myths about sex education, addressing core principles and foundational concepts of the sexuality education field most relevant to boys: nurturing loving relationships, consent, and pornography.
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  • February

    BOCAS Boys Pay Tribute to Black Lives in Honor of Black History Month

    A celebration of Black History Month took place at the Friday Morning Meeting for Middle School and Upper School boys on February 9. Emcee George Lucas '18 did a wonderful job introducing and thanking speakers throughout the meeting, which incorporated a mixture of music, poems, research and impactful facts, all moving tributes to the lives of Black people and their history.
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  • Fourth Grade Building Empathy for Others in Social Studies

    Fourth graders have been studying American Indians, with an aim to having the boys see what life might have been like as an indigenous person, as well as having them consider the impact that others can have on a person’s life.
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  • January

    Allen-Stevenson Grows and Educates Allies

    Ally Week kicked off with a Lower School Assembly on Friday, January 19, at which the Third Grade Ally Week ambassadors explained what an ally is, who some famous allies are and how A-S boys can be allies. (See attached video.) The Lower School classrooms spent time during their morning meetings all week discussing scenarios in which an ally is needed and how one can be an ally. (Click here for a sample scenario.) Homerooms read books about gender identity and different family structures as part of the conversation.
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  • Rodney Lopez Leads PA Conversation on How to Raise Boys to Respect Women

    Off the back of conversations arising from stories women are bringing public in the media, the PA CL+D Committee decided to organize a chat on the topic of "How to Raise Boys to Respect Women." Facilitator Rodney Lopez, who teaches respect to mostly young people through the practice of social dance with his organization Dancing Classrooms, led a discussion with a large group of parents and some faculty and staff around how to encourage respect.
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  • Changing it Up for the Lower School Family Breakfasts

    The Lower School family breakfasts were a huge hit this year! A change to the previous format worked beautifully. Instead of having a Fathers’ Breakfast and a Mothers’ Breakfast there were two separate family breakfasts, which allowed a family to decide how they wanted to be represented based on their composition and schedule not simply on the assumption that each boy has a father and a mother, and one who is free on one specific date.
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