Our Physical Education curriculum provides experiences that improve motor, cognitive, and affective domains, that engage thought processes, and that contribute positively to the development of a value system and the esteem in which students regard themselves and others.
Physical fitness is a major goal of our program and becomes increasingly important as the child grows. The program enables our students to obtain the necessary conceptual background so that they may maintain a satisfactory level of fitness throughout their lifetime. Our Wellness curriculum provides a foundation in strength training, nutrition, and speed, agility, and quickness instruction.
Allen-Stevenson offers interscholastic team sports that provide opportunities and experiences that teach goal setting, communication skills, socialization skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, and respect, all of which are important to a child’s well-rounded education.

An Allen-Stevenson boy immerses himself into the After School Athletics Program. Two and a half hours a day, four days a week, the boys hone their skills and fitness in a variety of sports. Choosing from football, soccer, wrestling, basketball, ice hockey, track, lacrosse, and baseball, every boy has an opportunity for success.

In Middle School, the boys learn valuable lessons about time management, equipment management, travel, and most importantly safety. Although the practices are fun, it is important for this group of boys to understand the rules and expectations that come with being a member of our Athletics Program. While we want our boys to experience competition and how to prepare for such, there is a clear understanding amongst coaches that this is a time for every boy to have opportunity and success. Through practice, participation, and encouragement, we believe every boy can feel good about his athletic experience at Allen-Stevenson.
Upper School athletics provides every player the opportunity to find a good fit as a competitor. As is tradition in most schools, our boys participate on either a varsity or junior varsity team. While both teams play competitive games and a similar size schedule, varsity coaches are more selective with playing time than junior varsity. However, each team is conducted in such a way that we continue to build social, motor, and psychomotor skills along with a greater understanding of strategy and technique.

Game Schedule

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2018-19 Teams

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