Success Breeding Success
With the goal of strengthening bonds between alumni for the purpose of career advancement and success, the Allen-Stevenson Alumni Council invites volunteers to participate in a pilot mentoring program.  Facilitated by a team of volunteers led by Dane Atkinson '89, the program will strengthen our alumni community by harnessing the broad experience of our alumni and supporting young alumni as they navigate their educational and career goals.

The Program

The Alumni Council hopes to begin by matching a small group of young alumni who are currently in their third or fourth year of college with alumni who have similar professional interests, are well established in their careers, and are interested in providing real-world advice, knowledge, and support to students interested in their particular industry or occupation.
The format of the program is designed to be flexible in order to meet the varied needs and schedules of each participant. Therefore, mentors and mentees, after being matched, are expected to work together to define the scope of the relationship and expectations. The relationship should be mutually beneficial without becoming too demanding.

How You Can Participate

Mentor Requirements
Mentors are asked to make time to meet with their mentee in person once per quarter through the first year, and to be reasonably available via email and phone. Periodic progress reports to the Alumni Council will be requested.
Mentee Requirements
Mentees are expected to be open and direct with their needs as they relate to the program, their interests, and intended industry. They should be respectful of their mentor’s time, while taking advantage of the opportunity to benefit from Allen-Stevenson’s strong network of alumni. 

Sign Up Today

If you are interested in participating in this program, please email Katy Duckworth-Schachter or call 212-933-5214 and include:

1) a short paragraph about why you are interested in participating in this program,
2) your current resume or CV, and
3) your current cell phone, email address, and URL for your LinkedIn profile. 

The Alumni Council will review all applicants and do their best to pair mentors and mentees according to common interests and goals. 

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