Alumni Association

The Allen-Stevenson Alumni Association reaffirms the mission of the School by fostering and strengthening ties between the School and its alumni, by aiding in the maintenance of friendships developed by members during their years at the School, and by encouraging members to give back to the School community through the support of social, educational and fundraising activities.

ASAC Executive Committee

Jamie Magid '91, President
Alfred Burger '87Vice-President
Alex Klaris '06, Vice-President
Tom Zipser '99, Vice-President

ASAC Members & Class Representatives

Theodore D. Agbi ’10
Charles W. Allen ’91
Paul E. Alshooler ’03
Basil L. Anderson ’08
Neil E. Bader ’79
Jackson Baker ’13
Anthony P. Bonan ’93
Pierre A. Bonan ’89
Robert B. Buehler ’78
Robert D. Burge ’76*
Alfred P. Burger ’87
Andrew A. Burger ’59
John T. Carr III ’76
Kai Cedeño ’16
Erik A. Cliette ’81
Brooke B. Connell ’86
Charles Domash '04
Adam J. P. Donaldson ’05
Kerim Eken '00
Hugh Esterson ’15
Alexander C. Faherty ’98
Jason M. Farkas ’97
Michael Feinberg ’84
R. Vanneman Furniss ’91
Andrew Galant ’14
Alexander G. Gellert ’79
Andrew Gellert ’16
David Goldberg ’14 
Harlan E. Goldberg ’90
Evan R. Goldfischer ’81
Christopher S. Goodman ’86
Michael H. Grady ’91
Christopher J. Hallows ’87
Christopher W. Hamilton ’96
Schuyler Havens ’88
Michael W. Hedges Jr. ’77
John C. Henry Jr. ’84
Cannon Lyell Hersey ’92
John B. Hersey ’09
David W. Herzberg ’89
David R. Hirschfeld ’99
Tristan Howard ’96
Alex A. Ingram ’03
Andrew A. Janko ’95
Jasper H. Jarecki ’12
Clinton V. P. Johnson ’79
Timothy Johnson ’04
William H. Judson ’78
Devon Kalsi ’15
A. Reed Katz ’03
Cameron A. Koffman ’12
Kenneth LaFreniere ’90
Dean I. Landis ’78*
Teddy Landis ’13
Ethan A. Leff ’11
Addeson Lehv '18
Davis Lister ’15
Hale Macdonald ’13
Paul J. Mancuso ’03
Brian A. Margolis ’75
Kenneth J. McCauley ’93
Elijah McNally ’14
Alex Melnitzky ’02
Liam R. Millhiser ’96
Ross R. Millhiser IV ’94
Max Morris ’13
Richard C. Perry ’70*
Vincent Peterson ’74
Michael Melnitsky ’01
Roger Raines ’80
Harlan Reinhardt ’83
Marc N. Rice ’84
Ronald S. Rolfe ’60*
Eric Rosas ’06
Berton Rose ’97
John Rose ’90
Louis Rose ’86*
Henry J. Rosenwach ’04
Eric E. Rothstein ’81*
Alessandro M. Santoro ’07
Matthew Schnitzer ’13
Yoshiki Shimada ’75
Alexander B. Shipper ’02
Denton A. Smith ’94
Wesley Stanton ’92
Sebastian Stern ’14
Jake Taub’12
Khalid A. Taylor ’10
Michael Tiedemann ’86
Andrew W. Vogelstein ’81
Alexander von Furstenberg ’85
Mark Wasserberger ’82
Simon D. Wasserberger ’85*
Matthew Wayland ’13
Michael Weiss ’02
Dewey S. Wigod ’77
Hans L. Wydler ’81
Clifton G. York ’78
Jared Zelman ’16
Andrew E. Zimmerman ’00

* President Emeritus


The Alumni Association is open to all those who attended Allen-Stevenson, and is governed by the Allen-Stevenson Alumni Council (ASAC). The ASAC consists of representatives elected by members of each graduating class, as well as members-at-large who have expressed an interest in being involved and have been approved by the ASAC Executive Committee. For more information about how you can support the work of the Alumni Association, please email Katy Duckworth-Schachter or call 212-933-5214.

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