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As I See It - June 2018

Dear Alumni,
Last June I left you with a poem written by a seventh grade boy when asked to use Langston Hughes’ Theme for English B as a model. After nine months of me, I thought you should hear from the boys. I still feel that way and this year English teacher, Aidan Fennelly, set the seventh graders to a similar task using George Ella Lyon’s poem Where I’m From.
I’m off to Maine for the summer, but I leave you with this “Where I’m From” poem by Raam Melvani ’20.
“Where I’m From”
I am from taking life as it comes
From “Be in the moment,”
I am from “Look on the bright side”
And “Never give up.”
I am from community service
From giving and respecting,
I am from giving out clothes and food,
On the dirty streets of India
Dusty and full of people,
Lines of beggars near the steeple,
I am from birthdays and parties
From weddings and babies,
From Saturday Movie Night
To Sunday Playground Afternoons,
I am from Balavihar retreats
And relatives passing away…
I am from Monday Ninja Warrior Night,
From the Australian Open Final at 6am
To Arthur Ashe Stadium at 12am,
I am from swimming, squash, and running,
And injuries, pain, and triumphant yelling.
I am from Saira, Jai, Hansa, and Arun
From laughing, glaring at, and annoying them,
I am from an investor and an administrator,
From playing, shoving, and crying with them,
Family Game Night - Monopoly Deal and Chess.
I am from the kitchen
The burning hot stove and the sizzling butter in the pan with the zucchini,
From green juice and chia seed pudding,
Dhal Rice and Sai Bhaji,
An Indian family
Dawn to Dusk
Cooking, Baking, Drinking, Eating, Cleaning.
I am from my quiet place
Deep down in my heart,
The time when you can let your mind wander
But not use any effort.
I love this place
I wish I could come here more often.
I am from Him
I am from R-A-A-M M-E-L-V-A-N-I
Raam Melvani '20
Fortiter et Recte, 
David Kersey h'98
Faculty since 1969

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