Upper School

Secondary School Process

The Secondary School Process at Allen-Stevenson is a unique opportunity for a boy, and his family, to choose the high school that will best meet his needs, and in which he will be most successful. Knowing what a boy will need and be passionate about as a 14 year old is very hard to predict at age 4. The philosophy at Allen-Stevenson allows our students to find their passions and go into the process of choosing a high school knowing what is the right match.

The process begins at the end of Seventh Grade, and continues through the end of the Eighth or Ninth Grade. There is a combination of individual and group meetings to provide all of the information and support necessary for a successful outcome. Families work closely with the Head of the Upper School to carefully identify the schools that are the right fit for their son. Allen-Stevenson boys are actively recruited by ongoing schools in both NYC and throughout the country at boarding schools, and are known for their academic talents as well as their many contributions in athletics and the arts.

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.