Caroline Gwin R.N., C.P.N.P. #ASpotlight Interview

Welcome to School Nurse Caroline Gwin - our next #ASpotlight Interviewee. Nurse Gwin is taking over for our beloved Nurse Little while she is on maternity leave. Read below to learn more about Nurse Gwin’s professional background and what drew her to the field of pediatrics. We are so glad to have her expertise on our team!
We are thrilled that you will be joining us this year as a School Nurse! Can you tell me a bit about your professional background?
I received my bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Penn State University, with the mindset that I wanted to go into Pediatrics. I went to New York City where I worked at Weill Cornell Medicine in the General Pediatric Unit. I went on to Columbia University to become a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (C.P.N.P.) with a focus on primary care.
I joined a wonderful practice on the Upper West Side, where I cared for patients from birth to 21-years-old. I loved getting to know my families and providing continuity of care. I also served as a preceptor for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner students. I was in my element. I loved being a Nurse Practitioner, working with children and their families, and having a role as a preceptor for graduate-level nursing students.
What inspired you to become a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner?
I’ve always wanted to work with children in some capacity. I thought I wanted to be a teacher. Throughout adolescence, I realized that I’d like to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps and become a nurse. My grandmother was instrumental in my life in many ways.
I love everything about pediatrics. I love relating to children. We focus on developmental components, growth, and the bonds developed between parents, kids, and their primary care providers. Developing a healthy relationship is so important because so much is built on trust and rapport.
Have you ever worked in a school before?
The opportunity to be here at Allen-Stevenson presented itself in the most wonderful way. In speaking with Nurse Little initially back in May, I just knew I wanted to work with her. She is so wonderful.
Our work as nurses is about education, prevention, treatment, and caring for children and their families while celebrating growth. Doing all that in a school setting is so important and even more so in the context of this pandemic. At Allen-Stevenson, we are all learning and implementing best practices in how to keep the boys who will be in the schoolhouse healthy and safe.
I’m excited and thankful to have this opportunity to work with such dedicated people like Head of School David Trower, the administration and faculty and staff as we celebrate with Nurse Little as she embraces this new chapter in her life called parenthood during her maternity leave. I’m so looking forward to getting to know this warm, welcoming community.
Can you share a hobby or interest of yours?
I love being in the ocean or on the beach, hiking or walking the city, or on my bike exploring new places.
My children and I also love making food of all kinds. We make everything and anything. What steered me to love cooking is that my children have a number of food allergies. So, as a parent, I had to become an expert and tailor our cuisine to what they can and cannot eat. But it was also important to me to do that in a positive light by celebrating and enjoying the food they CAN eat while at home as well as in social settings with friends.

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