Annual Arts Festival Continues Virtually

This year's annual Arts Festival, which showcases the boys’ creativity, was held virtually from June 1-4.
The boys took part in a wide range of art activities, and an impressive Arts Festival gallery of our boys’ artwork was added to the School website. Click here to browse.
On Tuesday, the boys participated in the ArtsAction Group’s Outside My Window Challenge. They used any art form they desired – photos, drawings, words, video, etc. – to describe what they saw outside their window. Click here to see what the challenge inspired.
On Wednesday, boys again used art to express themselves during the Getty Museum Challenge. Recreating famous works of art from a museum collection using household items appealed to the community. Click here to see some of their inventive creations.
On Thursday, seventh grader Oliver Putzer brought his own Box Art Challenge. "I have a challenge for you,” said Oliver. “During this time at home, I have been doing a lot of art and ran out of canvases. I started using all of the boxes from packages to paint on (after I wiped them down). I thought it would be an amazing activity to both recycle and create art at the same time! It doesn't matter what size boxes you have on hand because one box laid out flat will work to create a few different canvases to paint on. You just cut up the size that you would like to paint.” Click here to view some recycled artwork.
Every day from 12:15-12:30PM, students were invited to join CAN (CREATE ART NOW), a quiet drawing time for Grades K-8. Gathering as a community via Zoom to draw together was very special. Here is some of their artwork.

To close out the Arts Festival, the art teachers led a virtual draw and drink for parents only. At 6PM on Thursday, parents gathered via Zoom with their own libation to learn drawing tips that their boys may already know from their time in class with our experienced professional educators. Here are a few examples of their artwork, inspired by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526-1593).
It was good to come together during the week to use art as a chance to express oneself!

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