Community Previews Seventh Grade Radio Play “Our Town” During Monday Morning Meeting

Our community members had a sneak peak of our upcoming Seventh Grade Radio Play, Our Town, during Monday Morning Meeting on May 18.
Headmaster Trower welcomed attendees with remarks about the Seventh Grade Radio Play, Our Town. “[This production] is inspired by the creativity of the playwright Thornton Wilder and by those who have helped the boys to put this together. I want you to think for a minute about the nature of creativity. Because it was a creative spark that brought this play – as a radio play – so that we could all enjoy it even though we can’t be in the schoolhouse. The boys and their teachers took something that they knew and combined it so that it would be even better for all of us. That is true of so much of what this community has done over the past several weeks and months of remote learning.”
Mr. Kersey introduced the play preview by saying, “The Seventh Grade Play is an annual event at this school, and this year is no exception. Since the middle of April, actors from Allen-Stevenson and Nightingale Bamford, the A-S theater tech team, and our directors have been working on what we have been calling a radio play. It’s actually something more than a radio play because, as you will see this morning, the actors’ voices and the sound effects are supported by images.”
We encourage you all to watch the video of this week’s Morning Meeting to watch the sneak peak of the upcoming Seventh Grade Radio Play. The full recording will hit your screens on June 1!
Thank you to our meeting hosts Middle School Assistant Head Ben Neulander and English Teacher Aidan Fennelly and our musical performers this week: Charlie Sossen (Fifth Grade) for his trumpet performance and Music Department Head Michelle Demko and Pianist Aleeza Meir for their heartfelt performances of “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles and The Allen-Stevenson School Song.
A huge thank you as well to those who have helped the boys to put this radio play together, Director David Kersey, Parent Meg MacCary, Charles Socarides ‘92 and Theatre Teacher Julie Robles in particular.

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