The Show Must Go On! "Mr. America" Takes the Virtual Stage This June

The show must go on! Our annual A-S “Mr. America” celebration will be debuting remotely in early June.
Mr. America is a showcase of our third grader’s cross-disciplinary, in-depth research study of the United States and its regions.

Our boys have been hard at work researching and honing their writing skills by constructing paragraphs with interesting facts about their designated state.

In music class, they have been learning patriotic songs like “We Celebrate America” and “This Land is Your Land.”

During art class, our artists made fantastic posters highlighting their states. For these, they included symbols that remind everyone of their state, such as landmarks, monuments, famous people, animals, food, flags, and flowers or birds.

Boys will submit a “theater performance” video, made with guidance from their teacher Ms. Robles, at the end of the project where they will present fun facts about their state.

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