Over 160 Scholars Compete in the 50th Annual Allen-Stevenson Academic Bowl

The 50th Annual Allen-Stevenson Academic Bowl took place on Monday, May 11.
As in past years, the Academic Bowl incorporated challenging questions provided by teachers and covered a plethora of subjects, including math, history, English, geography, Spanish, music, technology and science. But this year featured a new twist: the competition was done as a Kahoot and all Middle or Upper School boys who wanted to were able to compete. Over 160 boys chose to participate!
One of the organizers of the Academic Bowl, Math Teacher Mary Leonard, welcomed the boys with a few choice words: “Today we are celebrating the 50th Annual Academic Bowl. The Academic Bowl is a tradition that was started by John Pariseau. Mr. Pariseau was a teacher and administrator at Allen-Stevenson from 1970 until 2012, who began the first Academic Bowl in 1971... So, to commemorate this auspicious event and continue with the tradition, Mr. Neulander, Mr. Fennelly, your teachers, and the Technology Department put together a Kahoot so that this year we can all participate and compete together.”
A huge congratulations to First Place Winner Philip Negrin (Grade 6), Second Place Winner Daya Singh (Grade 6) and Third Place Winner Xander Goodman (Grade 6)!

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