Middle School

Fifth Grade Interdisciplinary Mesoamerica Project Culminates in Hilarious Bilingual Skits

Allen-Stevenson Fifth Grade homeroom teachers, the Spanish Department, and the Library Tech Commons collaborated to create an interdisciplinary curriculum unit on Mesoamerica, incorporating Spanish, Creative Writing, History, Research, and Art.
In Fifth Grade, homeroom teachers Maurice Hicks and Lisa Anderson led a curriculum unit on Mesoamerica that focused on three ancient civilizations: the Mayas, the Incas, and the Aztecs.
Using knowledge from class, paired with research skills acquired during lessons with Library Tech Commons Director Sarah Kresberg, the boys wrote creative historical fiction stories set in these ancient civilizations. The boys wrote these stories with help from Mr. Hicks, Ms. Anderson, and Middle School Learning Resource Specialists Isabel Meltzer and Venesha Cashdollar.
Students then worked with their Spanish teachers to create hilarious and educational bilingual scripts that incorporated characters from their historical fiction stories. The boys were split into groups and assigned a different civilization on which to write a skit that shows “a day in the life” of an Aztec, Inca, or Maya.
In groups, the boys created the backdrops, costumes, props, and scenery.
Lisa Anderson said, “we were blown away by the creativity and skill employed by our fifth graders from start to finish of this project!”

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