Dr. Liza Talusan Provides Tools to Approach Difficult Conversations

Dr. Liza Talusan gave two presentations at Allen-Stevenson this week – one to parents and one to faculty and staff – during which she shared her expertise and provided tools for managing situations where language used was inappropriate.
An educator, speaker, leader, life/leadership coach and parent, Dr, Talusan has over 22 years of experience in PreK-20 education. Through her direct work with leaders, she empowers individuals to be more inclusive. Dr. Talusan has presented at conferences on topics ranging from work with adolescents to ethical diversity strategies and has also facilitated professional development workshops that encourage diversity.
Dr. Talusan’s talk focused on the use of inappropriate words, including both obvious racial and ethnic slurs as well as benign words that can be hurtful when used in certain contexts. Dr. Talusan worked with both of her presentation groups to provide tools to help navigate difficult conversations and understand the impact that hurtful words can have.
Allen-Stevenson strives to create a community in which everyone feels safe regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation or ethnicity and we are so grateful for the guidance and expertise of Dr. Talusan as we all continue to educate ourselves on sensitive and important topics.

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