Hearts for Hearts Raises Funds for Natural Disaster Victims

This year, our Middle and Upper School boys are donating money raised by the sale of origami hearts they made for Hearts for Hearts to help those impacted by recent natural disasters in the Bahamas and California, including the firefighters who helped fight the wildfires in California.
Two years ago, a group of Allen-Stevenson students came together to discuss how they could help people in the Carolinas and Puerto Rico after hurricanes swept through and devastated the regions. The boys decided to make and sell origami hearts to raise money that could be given to causes they felt would directly assist those in need and named their unique program Hearts for Hearts.
An impressive 1,000 colorful origami hearts were made during Founders Day this year by Middle and Upper School students. Beginning at 7:45AM on Thursday, November 7 and Friday, November 8, the boys will set up a Hearts for Hearts table near the corner of 78th Street. Their origami hearts will sell for $1.00 each, and they will also accept donations.
The Leadership Group for Hearts for Hearts this year includes boys from the original group, Luke Sarsfield (8th Grade), Baylin Goldstein (8th Grade), Lleyton Hutfilz (6th Grade), and Xander Goodman (6th Grade), who named the project Hearts for Hearts.
Added to this group are: Sebastian Burns(6th Grade), Brij Kapadia (6th Grade), Henri Fiszel (4th Grade), Constantine Georgiopoulis (6th Grade), Ishaan Goyal (6th Grade), Pierce Harris (6th Grade), Max Kahn (6th Grade), Marcus Lambroza (6th Grade), Lukas Rizos (4th Grade).
At Allen-Stevenson, we believe in teaching our boys the importance of empathy, leadership, and civic responsibility and this student-driven effort is a wonderful example of these values at play.

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