Fifth Grade STEAM V Students Repurpose Recycled Goods to Visualize Environmental Sustainability

Our fifth graders have embarked on a year of hands-on, environmentally aware STEAM V projects. Our STEAM V curriculum focuses on student-centered collaboration, communication, and critical thinking to tackle issues of climate change and sustainability
To kick off their conservation efforts, the Fifth Grade collected and cleaned all of the recycling from one day of Middle School lunch and piled it in the middle of the Fifth Floor Town Center to visualize the amount of plastic our Middle School uses in a day. The boys had an open discussion on the ways that we, both individually and as a school, can reduce our environmental footprint.
The recycling that they collected will be repurposed throughout the year into hands-on activities as part of the STEAM V curriculum. One of the boys’ first projects of the year was a diorama challenge to build a model, using recycled materials, of how greenhouse gases affect our environment.
After exploring the science behind climate change, our boys will be tasked with building model eco-friendly waterfront homes. These model homes must be designed to incorporate innovative energy systems that reduce the use of fossil fuels and must be able to withstand severe weather in response to the changing climate. Our students will continue to revise and improve their mock homes throughout the year as they learn more about sustainability.

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