Pumpkin Fun in the Kindergarten

Our kindergarteners spent a day at the Queens County Farm Museum where they learned about the farm and were able to select their very own pumpkins to use for an in-class special math project.
During their field trip, the boys learned interesting facts about the Queens County Farm Museum which included: it is the oldest farm in New York City dating back to 1697; it is still in operation; and it is tilled mostly manually without modern day equipment. The group toured the farm, learning about various farm crops and animals, and enjoyed a hayride.
Back in the classroom, the boys practiced estimation and counting skills by guessing and measuring their pumpkins using a variety of creative tools. During one activity, the boys hugged their classroom jack-o-lantern, Señor Pumpkin, then used strings to measure how much of their arms they needed for the hug, to estimate the pumpkin’s circumference.

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