Inaugural MASB Mindfulness Monday Draws Huge Turnout

Mothers of Allen-Stevenson Boys (MASB) kicked off their activities for the year with the inaugural mother-son “Mindfulness Monday.”
Starting this year, MASB has partnered with Cathy Trentalancia - the founder of MindScience, trainer at MNDFL, and former faculty member at Allen-Stevenson - to teach mindful meditation to our boys and their parents. Mindfulness meditation is a great way for mothers and sons to come together to alleviate emotional pressure, lower anxiety and stress, and set a positive mindset for the coming week.
Mothers and sons gathered together in a large community circle in our Dining Room, where they were led in various mindfulness exercises to help them start to build their own toolbox for handling difficult moments. During one exercise called a body scan, participants closed their eyes and gently focused their awareness on specific body parts starting with the tops of their heads and working down towards their toes. This exercise tries to rid the body of physical strain caused by holding in emotions. It also uses the STOP philosophy of S - stop, T - take a Breath, O - observe and P – proceed.

Allen-Stevenson’s distinctive “enlightened traditional” approach educates boys to become scholars and gentlemen.