Allen-Stevenson Takes on the Silver Screen with Student Led Talk Show

At Allen-Stevenson, electives provide the opportunity for Middle and Upper School students to expand their skills, tap into their interests and learn new passions. One of those electives, which combines public speaking, cooperation, technical skills, writing, and more, is our Talk Show Elective in the Upper School—supervised by Technology Digital Media Specialist Chris Caccamise and Learning Resource Specialist Meghan Wall.
Every week, Allen-Stevenson Upper School students Jack Bolster ’20, Terrence Fuller ’20, Adam Lipman ’20, Julian Schnitt ’20, Manas Ramesh ’21, and Will Whiting II ’21 meet to work on the Allen-Stevenson Talk Show. Each class is different. Sometimes it’s a collaborative planning session, like a writers’ room for a popular TV show, where students plan and outline their skits. Other class times are spent recording the skits, learning how to use the equipment in unique ways. Some sessions are purely editing the video before loading it for publication, but most of them are a mix—allowing students with different passions, interests and talents to experience something within their comfort zone while developing proficiency in new areas.
“Let’s face it: teens love the Internet,” said Mr. Caccamise. “So why not teach them how to be a part of the online community in a constructive, autonomous way? The Talk Show is not only a great way for our boys to learn filming, marketing, and creative skills; it’s a tangible thing they own. Ms. Wall and I are simply guiding them. This is all the boys’ doing.”
The Talk Show, published monthly, has two episodes currently and over 300 views in total! Teachers have mentioned how fun they consider the Talk Show to be and fellow students have found the comedy in the skits hilarious, and the graphics, “pretty cool”.
“When I started the Talk Show Elective and described it to Mr. Caccamise, he was completely on board,” said Ms. Wall. “We focused on teaching the boys how to use equipment, practicing and reinforcing articulation, and of course, working together towards a common goal. The elective is a fun experience, but it’s also one with a due date. We’re teaching our boys how to work together joyously but to still be focused, and how to plan something from start to finish. It’s inspiring to see the boys come up with their own ideas, take ownership, and execute them.”
Starting second semester, Technical Support Specialist Mike Garey joined the elective and provided his insight on how to make the videos even better.
Look for the Talk Shows on The Allen-Stevenson School website.

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