Middle School Closing Exercises 2019

On June 4, the Middle School held its Closing Exercises.
Joshua Harris '22 [click here for his speech], first emcee of the day, opened by saying, “what a great year it has been… Every single person in this room has grown in some way or another over the past nine months. Whether it has been making a new friend or acting like a true gentleman, every boy who attends Allen-Stevenson develops new skills, abilities, and passions throughout the school year.”
Ben Harris '24 and Bodie Lanning '24 gave the Fourth Grade Speech, recalling memories from the school year, including the “countless” things they learned in Math Class about multiplication and division. “We read some amazing books that blew our minds with interesting characters and important lessons.” They said, “In history, we learned so much about ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, and how lessons from these civilizations are still important today. And that is just a taste of what we learned this year, there was so much more.”
Ryder Rasch '23 and Luca Micheletto '23 gave the Fifth Grade Speech, sharing their class’ proud accomplishments from the year – including a bake sale which raised over $1,000 to support Memorial Sloan Kettering Children’s Hospital and the ASPCA. They went on to thank their wonderful teachers saying, “…our teachers were amazing! We learned so much this year. For example, in history, we traveled all the way from ancient Greece and Rome to Colonial America. In science, we started learning about plants and chemistry … One of our favorite things from Spanish class this year was ‘cuando nosotros instruido ser un bueno amigo’ (when we learned to be a good friend). STEAM was the best though - we started building waterside homes that could stand up to even the strongest storms!”
Jesse Peck '22 gave the Sixth Grade Speech, reflecting back on shared experiences that he had with his class this school year, naming writing mystery stories in English class, a field trip to the Gowanus Canal, and the class trip to Philadelphia as just a few.
Musical performances, always a highlight at Closing Exercises, were a roaring success and included animal themed songs by the Middle School Chorus like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” “Rattlesnake Skipping Song No. 5” from Creatures Great & Small, and “The Cheetah Song.” Impressive solos from the event include Spencer Mitchell '22, who performed “Allegro from Bernhard Romberg Sonate Op. 43, No. 2” on the cello; James Zwirn '22, who performed “Concerto No. 4, Third Movement” on the cello; and Lorenzo Brigode '22 who performed “My Way” on the trombone.
Special awards were presented as follows:
Adam and Elan Benjamin Award presented by Louisa Benjamin Bohm and Cami Bohm) – Xander Goodman '23
Bradford A. Warner Award (presented by Headmaster David Trower) – Ishaan Goyal '23
Anthony G. Couloucoundis Award (presented by Eric Rothstein ’81) – Avery Esterson '22
Middle School Head Kim Kyte prefaced the presentation of certificates with a speech highlighting our Allen-Stevenson Alumni Reunion the week before. Throughout Reunion, Ms. Kyte was treated to stories of lasting memories made at Allen-Stevenson in the decades before, from theater performances to athletic teams to field trips and lunchtime conversations.
“Reunion was all about a school that offered a strong foundation for friendship and learning,” said Ms. Kyte. “...My hunch is that if I am lucky enough to attend an A-S Reunion in twenty years, I will hear many of our sixth grade boys, who will then be 32 year old men, tell me stories of friendship, A-S experiences with teachers and the many classes, activities, plays, trips, and service opportunities in which they participated – together.”
The sixth grade boys were presented certificates, orchestra pins were given to the boys who participated in this musical pursuit, and Headmaster David Trower thanked the boys for their hard work this school year and wished them the best of luck next year as they go on to the Upper School.
Thank you to the second emcee of the event, Bennett Gorman '22 [click here for his speech], who brought the Closing Exercises to an end with a very important announcement: “SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER.”
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