Fifth Grade STEAM V Students Design Eco-Friendly Waterfront Homes with Innovative Energy Systems

Our fifth graders have been learning about environmentally friendly architectural design during their STEAM V course.
During this unit, the boys were split into small groups tasked with collaborating to design waterside homes to make them less reliant on fossil fuel based energy and more able to withstand severe weather due to climate change.
As part of this unit, the boys ventured to SURE HOUSE at the Liberty Science Center. SURE HOUSE was built to both reduce energy use and adapt to the realities of a changing, more extreme climate and is a real-world version of what our students were tasked with in their STEAM V course. The boys received a tour from two of the engineers who helped to design and build the house and applied their learning to inspire their classroom designs.
The boys worked together to build three-dimensional models of their homes using plastic sheeting, wooden sticks, hot glue guns, and other materials. With guidance from Digital Media Specialist Chris Caccamise and Computer Teacher Rob McCallum, the boys used the Sketchup program to create digital models.
The boys presented their model homes to professional architects and engineers, who discussed their designs with the teams and provided useful feedback. The boys implemented their professional suggestions as they continuously modified their homes over several months to improve their overall structure and design.
The culmination of their unit was an impressive classroom showcase there the boys presented their learning to an audience of family, faculty and staff.

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