2019 Mr. America Showcase: Patriotic Third Grade Performers Impress with Song, Dance and State Knowledge

The Third Grade’s yearlong study of the United States is marked each year with their Mr. America Showcase - a patriotic and entertaining presentation of educational facts accompanied by impressive dance performances.
Stephen Warner, Head of the Lower School, was the emcee for this year’s show on May 29, donning stars and stripes from head to toe.
After a patriotic introduction by Mr. Warner, the boys filed in from all sides of the theater, singing "We Celebrate America," and wearing red sashes emblazoned with the name of their state. Once on the stage, they were grouped into four regions correlating with the geographic location of their state – the Northeast, the South, the Midwest and the West.
Each boy took center stage as he recited facts about his state, which he had researched and written on his own. Memorizing all the lines beforehand was also an impressive accomplishment. Humor was incorporated throughout, and the boys impressed with their thorough state research! Did you know that 60% of American furniture is made in North Carolina? Or that Oklahoma invented the shopping cart and that Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote?
Accompanying their state presentations were dance performances set to the theme of American Music Through the Decades. The boys sang and danced their way through the 1960s and 1970s, reaching the 1990s with Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” before dancing their way into the present day with Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Together the boys also sang rousing American classics, such as "This Land is Your Land," and "Yankee Doodle Dandy".
Thank you to: Stephen Warner; Director Stacy Donovan and Choreographer Sarah Misch; Bonnie Tucker for research help and Michelle Demko for musical support. And a big thanks to the amazing Third Grade Teaching Team Chris Brozyna, Katherine Callahan, Erica Marcus, Cate Campo, and Kristin Filling.

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